25 March 2017

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11:00 PMAll In With Chris Hayes
12:00 AMThe Rachel Maddow Show
1:00 AMThe Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell
2:00 AMHardball With Chris Matthews
3:00 AMAll In With Chris Hayes
4:00 AMThe Rachel Maddow Show
5:00 AMHardball Weekend: The best of ``Hardball With Chris Matthews.''
5:30 AMYour Business: A focus on issues facing small business in the United States.
6:00 AMThe Rachel Maddow Show
7:00 AMMSNBC Live
8:00 AMMSNBC Live
9:00 AMMSNBC Live
10:00 AMAM Joy: Joy Reid tackles important news and political topics.
12:00 PMMSNBC Live
1:00 PMMSNBC Live
2:00 PMMSNBC Live
3:00 PMMSNBC Live
4:00 PMMSNBC Live
5:00 PMMSNBC Live
6:00 PMJoy Reid: A rotating panel of journalists tackles the most important news and political topics of the week.
7:00 PMThe Rachel Maddow Show
8:00 PMThe Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell
9:00 PMLockup: Oakland- Extended Stay - To PC or Not to PC  : A celebrity rapper enters the Santa Rita jail; brothers deal with gangs, drugs and parenthood.
10:00 PMLockup: Oakland- Extended Stay - Church of Enemies  : An inmate's outgoing personality comes in handy; a gang member's injuries leave him vulnerable.
11:00 PMLockup: Maricopa County- Extended Stay - Trials and Tribulations  : A world where tensions run high for a mother and son accused of murder.
12:00 AMLocal Programming