29 July 2016

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10:30 PMRisky Business: A call girl helps a Princeton applicant turn his home into a one-night brothel.
1:00 AMThree's Company - The Party's Over: Mr. Roper's dirty trick prompts his wife to leave.
1:30 AMThree's Company - Eleanor's Return: Jack fears another roommate will replace him.
2:00 AMThree's Company - The Older Woman: Jack falls in love with an older woman.
2:30 AMThree's Company - Stanley's Hotline: Roper mistakenly concludes Chrissy is pregnant.
3:00 AMThree's Company - The Catered Affair: Jack tries to save Chrissy from the advances of her employer.
3:30 AMThree's Company - The Best Laid Plans: Jack offers to protect Chrissy from a mouse.
4:00 AMBewitched - Sam's Double Mother Trouble: Esmeralda is reading Mother Goose to Tabitha, and ends up sneezing up the real Mother Goose.
4:30 AMBewitched - You're So Agreeable: Darrin is freed from his agreeable spell and gets his old job back.
5:00 AMBewitched - Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays: Esmeralda conjures up Santa Claus and his elves; Tabitha convinces Sidney that Santa is real.
5:30 AMBewitched - Samantha's Better Halves: Endora steps in when Darrin is torn between Samantha and a business deal.
6:00 AMBewitched - Samantha's Lost Weekend: Samantha develops an appetite and wreaks havoc in a supermarket.
6:30 AMBewitched - The Phrase Is Familiar: Because of Endora's spell, Darrin almost talks himself out of a job.
7:00 AMBewitched - Samantha's Secret is Discovered: Samantha saves her secret and Mrs. Stephens' sanity with some well-placed witchcraft.
7:30 AMBewitched - Tabitha's Very Own Samantha: When Samantha teaches Tabitha an important lesson, Tabitha realizes one mother is enough.
8:00 AM9 to 5: Three fed-up secretaries kidnap their sexist boss and force him to authorize office improvements.
11:00 AMRisky Business: A call girl helps a Princeton applicant turn his home into a one-night brothel.
1:30 PMRoseanne - It's a Boy!: Dan and Roseanne fight over letting Darlene's boyfriend move in.
2:00 PMRoseanne - It Was Twenty Years Ago Today: Roseanne marks her 20th anniversary with a sexy boudoir photograph for Dan.
2:30 PMRoseanne - Playing With Matches: Roseanne has a little advice for Darlene after David is caught kissing Molly.
3:00 PMRoseanne - Promises, Promises: Darlene and David go to the prom; Dan and a pal plan a venture.
3:30 PMRoseanne - Glengarry, Glen Rosey: Roseanne and Dan fear a financial crisis when they cannot sell the house they refurbished.
4:00 PMRoseanne - Tooth or Consequences: Roseanne's dental problems bring Dan to the realization that he needs a steady job.
4:30 PMAll in the Family - George and Archie Make a Deal: George finds himself in the uncomfortable position of having to be nice to Archie.
5:01 PMAll in the Family - Archie's Helping Hand: Archie tries to get Irene Lorenzo a job as a bookkeeper at his plant.
5:31 PMAll in the Family - Gloria's Shock: Gloria is in a state of shock after Mike unveils his plans for the Stivic family.
6:02 PMAll in the Family - Where's Archie?: The usually punctual Archie is hours overdue at a lodge convention in Buffalo.
6:31 PMAll in the Family - Archie Is Missing: Convention-bound Archie is missing for almost 24 hours, and the family is grasping for clues.
7:00 PMAll in the Family - The Longest Kiss: Gloria challenges Mike to a kissing contest.
7:30 PMAll in the Family - Archie and the Miracle: Impious Archie becomes religious after a close brush with death.
8:00 PMThree's Company - The Harder They Fall: Janet and her date find Jack and Chrissy in bed.
8:30 PMThree's Company - The Bake-Off: Chrissy eats the pie Jack was going to enter in a statewide baking competition.
9:00 PMThree's Company - The Anniversary Surprise: Roper plans to sell the apartment house as an anniversary surprise for Helen.
9:30 PMThree's Company - Moving On: The Ropers meet their snobbish new neighbor.
10:00 PMThree's Company - Jack Moves Out: Angry Jack moves out of the apartment.
10:30 PMThree's Company - Triangle Troubles: Jack pretends he lives alone when he falls for a woman he believes is old-fashioned.
11:00 PMGilligan's Island - Gilligan's Mother-in-Law: A native family from another island comes seeking a husband for the daughter.
11:30 PMGilligan's Island - Beauty Is as Beauty Does: Gilligan suggests a beauty contest to decide which of the three women is the most beautiful.
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