28 July 2016

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11:50 PMThree's Company - The Crush: The girls blame Jack for a bogus party invitation.
12:22 AMThree's Company - The Kleptomaniac: Jack and Janet suspect Chrissy is a kleptomaniac.
12:55 AMAll in the Family - Meet the Bunkers: The Bunkers celebrate their wedding anniversary.
1:27 AMAll in the Family - Writing the President: Archie learns Mike wrote to President Nixon.
2:00 AMAll in the Family - Oh, My Aching Back: Archie tries to sue for whiplash after he is in a minor auto accident.
2:30 AMAll in the Family - Archie Gives Blood: Mike shames Archie into going and giving blood. Archie takes one look at blood and passes out.
3:00 AMAll in the Family - Judging Books by Covers: Archie ridicules one of Mike and Gloria's friends for being gay.
3:30 AMAll in the Family - Gloria's Pregnancy: Archie doubts Mike can provide for pregnant Gloria.
4:00 AMAll in the Family - Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit: Archie objects to Mike's unmarried friends staying the night in the house.
4:30 AMBewitched - To Trick-or-Treat or Not to Trick-or-Treat: Endora objects to Samantha's Halloween work for UNICEF; Darrin is turned into a hag witch by Endora.
5:00 AMBewitched - A Bunny for Tabitha: Uncle Arthur rabbit trick conjures up a playboy bunny; Darrin's new Client likes bunny.
5:30 AMBewitched - Daddy Comes to Visit: Maurice, Sam's father allows Darrin to use magic for one day.
6:00 AMBewitched - Darrin the Warlock: Darrin gives up his powers and lands the Bliss account anyway.
6:30 AMI Dream of Jeannie - Who Are You Calling a Genie?: Jeannie loses her memory and changes Dr. Bellows into a mouse.
7:00 AMI Dream of Jeannie - Meet My Master's Mother: Jeannie is upset when Tony's mother decides he needs someone to take care of him.
7:30 AMI Dream of Jeannie - Here Comes Bootsie Nightingale: Tony is assigned to escort an attractive movie actress (Carol Wayne).
8:00 AMI Dream of Jeannie - Tony's Wife: Jeannie is convinced by her malicious sister that she is bad luck to Tony.
8:30 AMJackass: The Movie: Nitwits perform outrageous stunts and pull practical jokes on an unsuspecting public.
10:30 AMJackass: The Movie: Nitwits perform outrageous stunts and pull practical jokes on an unsuspecting public.
12:30 PMHistory of the World: Part I: Bawdy segments include the dawn of man, Moses, Nero.
2:30 PMWill & Grace - The Fabulous Baker Boy: Will agrees to fire Karen's pastry chef, but he gets involved in a love triangle instead.
3:00 PMWill & Grace - Sour Balls: Jack and Will buy an apartment in an up-and-coming gay community.
3:30 PMWill & Grace - The Blonde Leading the Blind: Will is jealous when his no-nonsense therapist (Sharon Stone) becomes fast friends with Grace.
4:00 PMWill & Grace - It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World: Grace convinces Karen to attend her father's birthday party.
4:30 PMThree's Company - The Party's Over: Mr. Roper's dirty trick prompts his wife to leave.
5:00 PMThree's Company - Eleanor's Return: Jack fears another roommate will replace him.
5:30 PMThree's Company - The Older Woman: Jack falls in love with an older woman.
6:00 PMThree's Company - Stanley's Hotline: Roper mistakenly concludes Chrissy is pregnant.
6:30 PMThree's Company - The Catered Affair: Jack tries to save Chrissy from the advances of her employer.
7:00 PMThree's Company - The Best Laid Plans: Jack offers to protect Chrissy from a mouse.
7:30 PMRebel Without a Cause: Volatile teens with feckless parents witness tragedy.
10:30 PMRisky Business: A call girl helps a Princeton applicant turn his home into a one-night brothel.