3 May 2015

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10:30 PMAuntie Mame: A bohemian socialite inspires her nephew to love life.
2:00 AMBewitched - What Makes Darrin Run?: Endora casts an ''ambition'' spell on Darrin which results in the break-up of a friendship.
2:30 AMBewitched - Serena Stops the Show: Serena wreaks havoc on the Stephens' lives with her witchcraft.
3:00 AMBewitched - Just a Kid Again: Sam and her daughter Tabitha go shopping; Tabitha grants a man's wish to be 9 years old again.
3:30 AMBewitched - The Generation Zap: Serena turns a coed into a siren, Darrin is almost forced to change his job.
4:00 AMAn Englishman in New York: Gay icon Quentin Crisp moves to New York and stars in a one-man show.
6:00 AMWho's the Boss? - Jonathan Plays Cupid: Jonathan plays Cupid when Tony and Angela suffer Valentine's Day blues.
6:30 AMWho's the Boss? - When Worlds Collide: Angela's friend reacts to Tony's poker buddy.
7:00 AMWho's the Boss? - Losers and Other Strangers: Bowling-champ Tony learns Angela lost an award.
7:30 AMWho's the Boss? - Tony for President: Mudslinging angers Tony, candidate for PTA president.
8:00 AMWho's the Boss? - Not With My Client You Don't: Tony offers to romance Angela's potential client.
8:30 AMNewNowNext Music: Music videos geared toward the gay community.
9:00 AMBewitched - Naming Samantha's New Baby: Samantha's father is upset when his grandson isn't named after him.
9:30 AMBewitched - To Trick-or-Treat or Not to Trick-or-Treat: Endora objects to Samantha's Halloween work for UNICEF; Darrin is turned into a hag witch by Endora.
10:00 AMBewitched - A Bunny for Tabitha: Uncle Arthur rabbit trick conjures up a playboy bunny; Darrin's new Client likes bunny.
10:30 AMBewitched - Samantha's Secret Spell: Samantha must prevent Darrin from turning into a mouse at midnight.
11:00 AMBewitched - Daddy Comes to Visit: Maurice, Sam's father allows Darrin to use magic for one day.
11:30 AMBewitched - Darrin the Warlock: Darrin gives up his powers and lands the Bliss account anyway.
12:00 PMBewitched - Sam's Double Mother Trouble: Esmeralda is reading Mother Goose to Tabitha, and ends up sneezing up the real Mother Goose.
12:32 PMBewitched - You're So Agreeable: Darrin is freed from his agreeable spell and gets his old job back.
1:04 PMRoseanne - The Driver's Seat: Roseanne and Leon squabble over the Lunch Box diner; D.J. goes joy riding.
1:36 PMRoseanne - Suck Up or Shut Up: To help business at the diner, Roseanne joins a stuffy women's group.
2:08 PMRoseanne - Busted: Dan tries to reunite Becky and Mark; Roseanne learns Darlene and David are in Chicago.
2:40 PMRoseanne - David vs. Goliath: Roseanne tries to calm things down when Dan goes into a rage over David and Darlene's relationship.
3:13 PMRoseanne - Everyone Comes to Jackie's: Jackie's house buzzes with activity as Roseanne tries to hide David from Dan.
3:46 PMThe Facts of Life - New York, New York: Trips home seem to make the Blair/Jo feud worse.
4:19 PMThe Facts of Life - Kids Can Be Cruel: Natalie's revenge harms an innocent bystander.
4:52 PMThe Facts of Life - Mind Your Own Business: Blair peeks into Natalie's diary.
5:25 PMThe Facts of Life - The Academy: Blair's cadet date is really a delinquent.
5:58 PMThe Facts of Life - Jo's Cousin: Jo's 14-year-old cousin needs her help.
6:29 PMThe Facts of Life - Read No Evil: Jo battles the issue of book banning.
7:00 PMRuPaul's Drag Race - Conjoined Queens: The queens must pair up to create conjoined drag-twin makeovers; with LeAnn Rimes and Nelsan Ellis.
8:00 PMRuPaul's Drag Race - Divine Inspiration: The queens perform scenes from John Waters' greatest films... musical versions.
9:00 PMRuPaul's Drag Race - Prancing Queens: The queens are challenged to perform a choreographed routine in a live drag dance spectacular.
10:00 PMCucumber & Banana: Henry and the others set out to find potential suitors; a video from Jo's past comes to light.
11:30 PMRuPaul's Drag Race - Prancing Queens: The queens are challenged to perform a choreographed routine in a live drag dance spectacular.
12:30 AMLocal Programming