28 December 2014

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11:30 PMDog With a Blog - The Parrot Trap  : Realizing everyone in the family but her has bonded with Stan, Ellen brings home an annoying parrot.
12:00 AMDog With a Blog - Dog With a Hog  : Stan convinces Avery to let him fill in as the mascot for the Homecoming Game.
12:30 AMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Maya's Mother  : Maya's artwork is displayed at a school event; a former classmate makes a surprise visit.
1:00 AMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets the Forgotten  : Riley and Maya working in the school cafeteria; Lucas and Farkle are assigned janitorial duty.
1:30 AMAustin & Ally - Sports & Sprains  : Spirit Week at school motivates Austin to join the Varsity basketball team.
2:00 AMAustin & Ally - Tunes & Trials  : Austin writes a song about a girl but fans begin to question who it's about.
2:30 AMHatching Pete: A teenager becomes a big hit when he dons a chicken suit to become a high-school mascot.
4:10 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - When in Rome ...: London falls in love with a handsome Italian musician, Bailey worries he is only pretending.
4:35 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - Shipnotized: Cody's dream is to go to Harvard, so he tries to impress the Dean of Admissions on board.
5:00 AMPhineas and Ferb - The Great Indoors; Canderemy: Phineas and Ferb build a huge biodome; Candace pays a visit to Jeremy's house.
5:30 AMPhineas and Ferb - The Belly of the Beast; Moon Farm: Phineas and Ferb make a mechanical version of a historical shark.
6:00 AMSheriff Callie's Wild West - Hike to Wish Mountain; Rhymin' Rodeo  : Peck goes the wrong way while hiking Wish Mountain; Mr. Dillo has a poem for the Rhymin' Rodeo.
6:30 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Minnie's Mouseke-Calendar: The wind blows away all the pages of Minnie's daily calendar.
6:55 AMFamily Scrapbook Stories - BAIR 
7:00 AMSofia the First - Scrambled Pets  : Sofia and her friends accidentally get their pets magically scrambled.
7:30 AMDoc McStuffins - Oooey Gablooey Springs a Leak; There's a King in Your Tummy  : Oooey springs a leak and blue goo oozes out from his insides and he gets queasy and panics.
8:00 AMThe 7D - Surprise; Welcome to the Neighborhood  : The 7D and Lord Starchbottom plan a surprise party for Queen Delightful; disguises.
8:25 AMJake's Buccaneer Blast - The Big Golden Tiki Treasure 
8:30 AMJake and the Never Land Pirates - Bucky's Anchor Aweigh!; The Never Rainbow: Bucky gets a present; the Pirate Princess returns on a quest to fix her broken Rainbow Wand.
9:00 AMStar Wars Rebels - Gathering Forces  : Kanan and Ezra try to protect an Imperial deserter by distracting the Imperial forces.
9:30 AMI Didn't Do It - Fireman Freddy's Spaghetti Station  : The pals are at their favorite childhood party station.
9:55 AMMickey Mouse - Captain Donald  : Mickey is eager to set sail on Donald's boat but he doesn't know how to sail.
10:00 AMAustin & Ally - Videos & Villains  : Austin disappears before a performance; the group finds out that Brooke is holding him hostage.
10:30 AMLiv & Maddie - Pottery-a-Rooney  : While recovering from her knee injury, Maddie finds a new hobby; Karen asks Liv for fashion advice.
11:00 AMJessie - Jessie's Big Break  : Jessie gets her big break as a stunt double to popular Australian actress Shaylee Michaels.
12:00 PMLiv & Maddie - Steal-A-Rooney  : Liv has a difficult time making friends at school so Maddie steps in to help.
12:30 PMLiv & Maddie - Skate-A-Rooney  : Liv wants to back out of being a celebrity judge at a skateboarding competition.
1:00 PMLiv & Maddie - Slump-A-Rooney  : Maddie and Willow are excited to try out for the school's varsity softball team.
1:30 PMJessie - Why Do Foils Fall in Love?  : Jessie decides to write Tony a song for their first anniversary; Ravi is miserable.
2:00 PMJessie - Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned  : Emma is upset when her friends stand her up for the new girl in school.
2:30 PMJessie - Quitting Cold Koala  : Luke decides to give up his stuffed koala so he tries to spend one night without it.
2:55 PMMusic Video - R5: Smile: Radio Disney Birthday 
3:00 PMGood Luck Charlie - Make Room for Baby: The Duncans move to a bigger house to accommodate the new baby.
3:30 PMGood Luck Charlie - Bad Luck Teddy: Everyone thinks Teddy is a jinx on Spencer, as the basketball team has been on a losing streak.
4:00 PMGood Luck Charlie - T. Wrecks: Teddy takes her volleyball coach's advice too seriously; Bob finds solace at PJ's new apartment.
4:30 PMDog With a Blog - Stan Makes His Mark  : Stan makes a video about being the world's first talking dog to leave as his legacy.
5:00 PMDog With a Blog - Who's Training Who?  : Ellen hires an animal instructor to train Stan; when he doesn't obey, Ellen makes Stan stay outside.
5:30 PMDog With a Blog - Lost in Stanslation  : Avery agrees to tutor Wes in Spanish, even though she doesn't know the language.
6:00 PMAustin & Ally - Beach Clubs & BFFs  : Trish becomes jealous when she thinks Ally has a new best friend.
6:30 PMAustin & Ally - Austin & Alias  : Ally takes on an alias in order to continue to be Austin's song writer.
6:55 PMMickey Mouse - O Sole Minnie  : Mickey is a gondolier in Italy trying to woo waitress Minnie.
7:00 PMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Flaws  : When Farkle is picked on for not fitting in, Riley, Maya and Lucas rally him.
7:30 PMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Brother  : Cory and Topanga let Riley baby sit Auggie for the first time; Auggie stages a rebellion.
8:00 PMHigh School Musical: Students conspire against two teenage singers.
9:50 PMMickey Mouse - Potatoland  : Mickey and Donald attempt to make Goofy's dream come true by building a theme park made of potatoes.
10:00 PMJessie - Caught Purple Handed  : Jessie is excited to sign with a talent agent until he finds out he only represents hand models.
10:30 PMStar Wars Rebels - Out of Darkness  : Hera and Sabine find themselves stranded while on a supply run but they discover they aren't alone.
11:00 PMJessie - Quitting Cold Koala  : Luke decides to give up his stuffed koala so he tries to spend one night without it.
11:30 PMJessie - Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned  : Emma is upset when her friends stand her up for the new girl in school.