22 October 2016

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11:30 PMMy Babysitter's a Vampire - Flushed  : Two teens go missing and the gang begins to suspect something fishy's going on.
12:00 AMLiv and Maddie - Premiere-a-Rooney  : Liv's premiere of ``Space Werewolves'' is the same night of the Wisconsin Cheddar-Brat Fest.
12:30 AMAustin & Ally - Mattress Stores & Music Factories  : Drifting Austin has to work in his parents' mattress store; Ally struggles.
1:00 AMJessie - The Ghostest With the Mostest  : Stuart tells the Ross kids about a ghost named Abigail; Jessie attends a masquerade and meets a boy.
1:30 AMDog With a Blog - Stan Makes His Mark  : Stan makes a video about being the world's first talking dog to leave as his legacy.
2:00 AMGood Luck Charlie - Let's Potty: Bob accidentally shuts off the power while trying to fix the plumbing.
2:30 AMJessie - Moby and SCOBY  : Zuri brings home a baby giraffe; Jessie ends up in the same class as Ravi when she re-enrolls.
3:00 AMAustin & Ally - Bad Seeds & Bad Dates  : The woman that Ally's dad is dating is the mom of one of her students at the A&A Music Factory.
3:30 AMDog With a Blog - The Mutt and the Mogul  : A businessman wants to buy Stan from the family; the trio hires actors to play their parents.
4:00 AMJessie - Basket Case  : Ravi enlists the help of LA Clippers star Chris Paul; Jessie is forced to partner with Hudson.
4:30 AMJessie - Someone Has Tou-pay  : Bertram's new toupee goes missing before his band's big performance; Jessie investigates.
5:00 AMPhineas and Ferb - Hide and Seek; That Sinking Feeling: Phineas and Ferb shrink their friends to play indoor hide-and-seek.
5:30 AMPhineas and Ferb - The Baljeatles; Vanessessary Roughness: Phineas and Ferb help Baljeet by forming a band.
6:00 AMMiles From Tomorrowland - Galactech; Still Rocketing; Merc's Night Out  : Miles invites his grandparents on a mission; Merc accidentally sleep-rockets to a robot-less planet.
6:30 AMSheriff Callie's Wild West - Stagecoach to Yonderville; The Wild Brunch  : Sheriff Callie attempts to lead a crowded stagecoach across a bandit-filled prairie.
7:00 AMDoc McStuffins - Boo-Hoo to You!; It's Glow Time  : A toy ghost's fear of Halloween; ``no-glow-atosis.''
7:30 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Martian Minnie`s Tea Party
8:00 AMThe Lion Guard - Beware the Zimwi  : Tales of a mysterious creature plague the Pride Lands.
8:30 AMSofia the First - Princess Butterfly  : Amber uses a magic spell to one-up Sofia's costume and win a contest.
9:00 AMElena of Avalor - A Day to Remember  : Elena learns she has the ability to see ghosts and helps the spirit of an elderly woman.
9:30 AMPolly and the Zhu Zhu Pets - Storming the Cat Castle; Ha Ha Hamsters  : Polly and the Zhus mount a rescue mission; Polly and the Zhus try to get on a TV show.
10:00 AMK.C. Undercover - Sup, Dawg?  : K.C. woefully takes on a new partner, canine spy Dexter, to help her catch a group of criminals.
10:30 AMStuck in the Middle - Stuck in the Diaz of Our Lives  : The Diaz family is given the chance to star in their very own reality television show.
11:00 AMThe Lodge - Opportunities  : Ben and Skye pretend to date; Grandpa Patrick gives Skye her mom's diary.
11:30 AMThe Lodge - Double Date  : Ben's ex shows up at the lodge and Danielle arranges a double date.
12:00 PMThe Swap: After magically swapping bodies, two teenage athletes must figure out how to return back to normal.
1:40 PMJessie - Ghost Bummers  : Mrs. Chesterfield throws a Halloween party but doesn't allow Jessie and the kids to join.
2:05 PMAustin & Ally - Horror Stories and Halloween Scares  : Trapped in the store on Halloween, the gang tells scary stories.
2:30 PMK.C. Undercover - The Get Along Vault  : K.C. and Ernie must figure out how to put their rivalry aside so they can escape a bank vault.
3:00 PMWalk the Prank - A Moving Situation  : Chance and Herman learn that their father is up for a big promotion, and they might have to move.
3:30 PMWalk the Prank - Adventures in Babysitting  : With the help of Sofia Carson and Sabrina Carpenter, the team pranks a few babysitters.
4:00 PMWalk the Prank - Fish You Were Here  : Bailey finds out she's the only one of her classmates not invited to a birthday party.
4:30 PMWalk the Prank - Baby Please  : Bailey finds Herman reading her diary; she decides to prank him as payback.
5:00 PMWalk the Prank - Bailey's Band  : Coutney Lynn and the ``Three Courtneys'' have signed up to perform in the talent show.
5:30 PMWalk the Prank - Wigging Out  : Bailey's hairstylist is sick; Chance tries to make Herman fly.
6:00 PMWalk the Prank - Spoiler Alert  : When Chance's parents take away his TV privileges, he struggles to stay away from spoilers.
6:30 PMWalk the Prank - Whatever Gets You Through the Night  : Herman goes to his first sleep over; he worries about the ``sleep'' part of the night.
7:00 PMWalk the Prank - Grandma's Here to Stay  : Dusty is stressed out when his Grandma moves into his house; Herman tricks his babysitter.
7:30 PMWalk the Prank - Prank or Treat  : The gang gets in deep trouble after a prank they pull on Becky Snyder goes horribly wrong.
8:00 PMWalk the Prank - Talk the Prank With Jake and Logan Paul  : Jake Paul (``Bizaardvark'') and social media star Logan Paul take a look at some of the best pranks.
8:30 PMBizaardvark - Spoiler Alert: Belissa Returns  : Paige and Frankie hit a writing slump, and other bad things start happening to them.
9:00 PMThe Lodge - The New Girl  : After the loss of her mother, 15-year-old Skye returns with her father to North Star Lodge.
9:30 PMThe Lodge - Reality Check  : Skye talks her dad into postponing the sale of the lodge and gives it a makeover.
10:00 PMThe Lodge - Opportunities  : Ben and Skye pretend to date; Grandpa Patrick gives Skye her mom's diary.
10:30 PMThe Lodge - Double Date  : Ben's ex shows up at the lodge and Danielle arranges a double date.
11:00 PMThe Lodge - Winning  : Sean and Ben enter the regional mountain bike qualifiers and Josh and Skye cheer them on.
11:30 PMMy Babysitter's a Vampire - Mirror/rorriM  : A vengeful ghost takes control of Erica through a haunted dressing room mirror.
12:00 AMLocal Programming