2 September 2014

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11:03 PMMud Lovin' Rednecks: Alabama mud bogging.
12:04 AMMud Lovin' Rednecks - High School Reunion  : Mountain Creek Mud Bog is rented out for a high school's 10-year reunion.
1:05 AMMud Lovin' Rednecks - The Weddin' Bog  : A couple want to get married in the middle of Mountain Creek mud bog.
2:06 AMMud Lovin' Rednecks - Rollercoaster Bog  : The crew holds a toddler beauty pageant; a man wants to ride a roller coaster into the mud.
3:00 AMMud Lovin' Rednecks - Muddy Redneck Rodeo  : Big Sexy and Butterball start their new jobs building a muddy rodeo and a 150 person BBQ.
4:00 AMMud Lovin' Rednecks - Mudieval Times  : The Bog hosts hoard of foam fighters and watch them battle it out at an event dubbed Mudieval Times.
5:00 AMMud Lovin' Rednecks - Big Sexy's Mud Games  : Lil' Bit and Butterball promote Big Sexy's creation, ''The Mud Games'' drawing a record crowd.
6:00 AMOrangutan Island - Kindred Spirits: Jordan could lose his life as a conflict forms between two communities.
6:30 AMEscape to Chimp Eden - The Human Alpha: Eugene begins his work with the new family group.
7:00 AMBig Cat Diary - Family Drama: A leopard cub leaves her mother; a pride of lions is in disarray; hyenas stalk a cub.
7:30 AMBig Cat Diary - Return to the Mara: Shadow the leopard, Amber the cheetah and a pride of lions are followed through Kenya's Masai Mara.
8:00 AMThe Crocodile Hunter - Faces in the Forest: Falling in love with the orangutans of Sumatra, Steve helps in their rehabilitation process.
9:00 AMAnimal Cops Houston - Justice Is Served: Loose dogs; a horse-abuser receives justice.
10:00 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - Flood Watch: Puppy stuck in a pipe; adopter comes for shy puppy.
11:00 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - Can't Give Up: As the team drives all the way to Michigan for home check, they get sidetracked by emergency rescue.
12:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Collision Course: Two dogs running wild on the train tracks prompts a rescue mission; married couple look to adopt.
1:00 PMMonsters Inside Me - Feeding Frenzy: A parasite attacks a schoolteacher from the inside out; a dancer's allergic outbreaks raise concern.
2:00 PMMonsters Inside Me - Lurkers: A 3-year-old girl loses a third of her body weight due to extreme bouts of vomiting and diarrhea.
3:00 PMSwamp'd! - Croaked  : P'Maw makes promises to two customers that he may not be able to keep.
3:30 PMSwamp'd! - Cajun Caviar  : A customer charms P'Maw into finding rare fish eggs; Corey and T-Monkey battle over the night shift.
4:00 PMGator Boys: Xtra Bites - Gatorzilla  : The boys search for a legendary 15-foot alligator known as Big Bull.
5:00 PMCall of the Wildman: More Live Action! - Dirty Jobs  : Turtleman wades through manure-filled waters to capture the critter threatening a farmer's cows.
5:30 PMCall of the Wildman: More Live Action! - Fairground Fiasco  : Critters menace a traveling carnival; an unknown predator digs up a family's backyard.
6:00 PMFinding Bigfoot: Further Evidence - Big Sky Bigfoot  : Fake deer traps and a dog sled team are the tools needed here in Bozeman, Montana to lure a bigfoot.
7:00 PMWild Appalachia: Examining the wild side of the Great Smoky Mountains in Southern Appalachia.
8:00 PMTurtleman's Kentucky
9:01 PMYellowstone: Battle for Life: Intertwined stories of animals living in Yellowstone.
11:03 PMTurtleman's Kentucky
12:04 AMLocal Programming