5 March 2015

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11:30 PMAirport: The manager of a Midwestern airport handles terminal hassles and a midair crisis.
2:00 AMThe Sin of Madelon Claudet: An ex-convict Frenchwoman walks streets to put her illegitimate son through medical school.
3:30 AMA Farewell to Arms: A U.S. ambulance driver loves an English nurse in World War I Italy. From the Ernest Hemingway book.
5:00 AMScreen Directors Playhouse - Day is Done  : A sergeant uses a Chinese bugle to boost the spirits of his men.
5:30 AMScreen Directors Playhouse - The Day I Met Caruso  : A 10-year-old girl befriends a man on a train.
6:00 AMFlying High: An inventor and his lanky girlfriend set an altitude record in his winged contraption.
7:30 AMCentral Park: Young lovers, an escaped lion and gangsters use New York's Central Park.
8:30 AMCrooner: Fame goes to a priggish singer's head and almost costs him his girlfriend.
9:45 AMBig City Blues: An Indiana boy lives it up with his girlfriend in New York until someone gets killed.
11:00 AMThe Merry Frinks: An heiress abandons an out-of-work husband, two sons and a lovesick daughter.
12:15 PMMary Jane's Pa: A deserter saves his wife from gangsters out to ruin her newspaper.
1:30 PMGoing Highbrow: Social-climbing couple throw lavish bash for stranger.
2:45 PMThe Captain's Kid: A young girl's friend, the town drunk, is tried for killing a man who tried to rob him.
4:00 PMM'Liss: An Old West innocent with a drunken father thinks a stranger's kiss means marriage.
5:15 PMThree Men on a Horse: Gamblers kidnap a greeting-card writer with a knack for picking horses.
6:45 PMThe Big Shot: A veterinarian inherits a tainted fortune and moves to the city with his wife and daughter.
8:00 PMFunny Girl: Ziegfeld Follies star Fanny Brice falls for gambler Nicky Arnstein.
10:45 PMSweet Charity: A hostess in a seedy ballroom wants real love. Based on a play by Neil Simon.