30 March 2017

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10:00 PMThe Learning Tree: A teenager witnesses racism and a murder in his 1920s Kansas town.
12:00 AMLosing Ground: A woman is jealous of her artist husband's model.
1:30 AMSymbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One: Filmmaker William Greaves provokes his cast and crew, then documents their revolt.
3:00 AMThe Symbol of the Unconquered: A black man and a woman he mistakenly believes is white seek their fortunes in the North. Silent.
4:15 AMGo Down Death: A man sets up a newly arrived preacher to take a fall.
5:30 AMMGM Parade: Clips from ``Forbidden Planet''; host Walter Pidgeon.
6:00 AMRain: A missionary lusts for a streetwalker stranded in rainy Pago Pago.
7:45 AMGrand Hotel: A ballerina, baron, stenographer, bookkeeper and tycoon check into Berlin's Grand Hotel.
9:45 AMThe Last of Mrs. Cheyney: A jewel thief and her partner corner British aristocrats on a country weekend.
11:30 AMThe Women: Catty New York socialites gossip about a friend and her husband's girlfriend.
1:45 PMA Woman's Face: A Swedish plastic surgeon brings out the good side of a bad woman.
3:45 PMHumoresque: A married socialite falls tragically in love with a classical violinist.
6:00 PMPossessed: An oilman's bride sees her ex-boyfriend romance her stepdaughter, and it drives her mad.
8:00 PMWinchester '73: A man tracks his prize repeating-rifle back around to the man who stole it.
9:45 PMThe Underworld Story: A newsman aims to prove a maid did not kill a New England publisher's daughter-in-law.
11:30 PMAnother Part of the Forest: A Southern Civil War profiteer deserves his mean sons and daughter.