6 May 2015

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11:45 PMCrime Wave: Former jailmates lead a man unwillingly astray.
1:15 AMSuddenly: A hit man and company plan to shoot the president when he gets off his train in Suddenly, Calif.
2:45 AMCrime of Passion: A tough newswoman tries to help her detective husband's career by dallying with his police boss.
4:15 AMFive Steps to Danger: Soviet spies follow a stranded motorist and the code-carrying woman who gives him a ride.
6:00 AMThe Hanging Tree: A doctor kills to save a blinded Swiss girl from a villain in a Montana gold-mining town.
8:00 AMMan of the West: A reformed Texas outlaw, a con man and a singer meet the outlaw's old gang.
9:45 AMLove in the Afternoon: An older American playboy loves a private eye's young daughter in Paris.
12:00 PMSpringfield Rifle: A Union major with a wife and son goes undercover as a traitor to stop a Confederate raider.
1:45 PMBright Leaf: Backed by a rich madam, a Southerner ruins a tobacco tycoon with a cigarette-making machine.
3:45 PMThe Fountainhead: Architect defends his ideals with drastic measures. From the Ayn Rand book.
5:45 PMThe Pride of the Yankees: Baseball star Lou Gehrig overcomes the odds to become a legend in the game.
8:00 PMAirport: The manager of a Midwestern airport handles terminal hassles and a midair crisis.
10:30 PMThe Crowded Sky: Anxiety and personal problems put an airline pilot and a Navy pilot on a collision course.
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