12 February 2016

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11:45 PMTop Hat: A woman believes that an enamored dancer is her best friend's husband.
1:30 AMThe Moon and Sixpence: A British stockbroker leaves his wife and goes to Tahiti to paint. From the Somerset Maugham book.
3:15 AMThe Son of Monte Cristo: A masked swordsman poses as a French banker to save a grand duchess from a dictator.
5:00 AMThe Man in the Iron Mask: D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers foil Louis XIV's plot to hide his twin.
7:00 AMViva Villa!: Mexican bandit Pancho Villa and his gang join the peasant army in revolution.
9:00 AMThe Richest Girl in the World: An heiress trades places with her secretary and meets a man who loves her not only for her money.
10:30 AMDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: A Victorian London doctor drinks a potion and frees his bad side.
12:15 PMThat Forsyte Woman: Scandal follows when a Forsyte's wife loves her niece's fiance in Victorian England.
2:15 PMAdventures of Don Juan: The Spanish swordsman joins the royal fencing academy and duels a duke who wants to be dictator.
4:15 PMThe Gunfighter: Upstarts challenge the fastest gun in the West, a haunted man trying to escape his reputation.
5:45 PMMarooned: Wives, the media and the man in charge watch and hear three astronauts lost in space.
8:00 PMTootsie: Out-of-work actor Michael Dorsey becomes soap-opera star Dorothy Michaels.
10:00 PMKramer vs. Kramer: A New York adman fights for custody of his son after his wife walks out.