30 August 2014

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11:45 PMI Wake Up Screaming: A detective finds a promoter hiding out with the sister of a slain actress client.
1:15 AMConey Island: Two big operators aim to please the leggy star of the circa-1900 Coney Island midway.
3:00 AMThe Day the Bookies Wept: Cabbies send a chump driver to buy a racehorse, and he buys one that runs on beer.
4:30 AMDon't Turn 'Em Loose: A small-town parole-board officer has the final say about his criminal son.
6:00 AMWildcat Bus: A broke playboy runs a limousine racket until he falls for a rival's daughter.
7:15 AMJoan of Paris: A French barmaid distracts the Gestapo so an underground leader can sneak out British pilots.
9:00 AMThe Iron Mistress: Frontiersman Jim Bowie fights with meteorite-chunk knife.
11:00 AMThe Man in the Net: New Englanders think an adman turned artist has killed his missing wife.
12:45 PMThe Glass Key: A political boss's assistant gets him out of a bum murder rap. Based on the Dashiell Hammett book.
2:15 PMThe Deep Six: Shunned as a pacifist, a Quaker Navy officer turns hero after the enemy guns down his buddy.
4:15 PMDrum Beat: President Grant gives a frontiersman the power to make peace with Indians roused by a renegade.
6:15 PMThe Big Land: A bilked cattleman has a boozing architect design a new town with rail access, just for cattlemen.
8:00 PMShane: An ex-gunfighter sides with Wyoming homesteaders against a ruthless cattle baron.
10:15 PMThis Gun for Hire: A marked hit man flees with a nightclub singer and stops a fifth-column poison-gas plot.
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