3 August 2015

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9:00 PMSe7en: Detectives probe murders based on the seven deadly sins.
12:00 AMStarve: Trapped in an abandoned high school, three friends must fight for their lives.
2:30 AMAmerican Horror House: Ghosts invade a sorority on Halloween night, while the housemother embarks on a killing spree.
4:30 AMThe Twilight Zone - The Parallel: An orbiting astronaut passes into a world remarkably like his own, except for a few small details.
5:30 AMThe Twilight Zone - Mr. Denton on Doomsday: A has-been gunslinger regains his skill and agrees to a shoot-out.
6:00 AMDestination Truth - Haunted Mining Town; The Taniwha: The team heads to northern Chile to investigate a cemetery; investigate claims of a creature.
7:00 AMDestination Truth - Ghosts of Petra; The Lizard Man: The team along with ghost hunters Jason and Graham investigate the Treasury Tomb.
8:00 AMDestination Truth - Spirits of Easter Island; The Moa: The crew investigates the paranormal on Easter Island; New Zealand to explore the Moa.
9:00 AMDestination Truth - Poltergeists of Pompeii; Nandi Beast: The team investigates the legendary city of Pompeii; Investigation into the Nandi Beast in Africa.
10:00 AMDestination Truth - Spirits of Angkor Wat/Canadian Lake Monster: The team heads to Cambodia to see what's lurking within the 800 year old temple of Angkor Wat.
11:00 AMDestination Truth - Ghost of Haboro/Mngwa: Claims of ghostly miners in an abandoned Japanese town.
12:00 PMDestination Truth - Ghost Fleet; Japanese River Monster: Undersea exploration of a Japanese World War II naval base; a mythical sea monster in Japan.
1:00 PMDestination Truth - Siberian Snowman: Investigating Bigfoot, whose existence is supported by years of folklore.
2:00 PMDestination Truth - Ghost of Menengai/Kalanoro: Eastern Africa's Menengai Crater; the Kalanoro beast of Madagascar.
3:00 PMDestination Truth - Haunted Island Ruins/Moroccan Succubus: Spirits of former rulers in the ancient Nan Madol ruins.
4:00 PMSe7en: Detectives probe murders based on the seven deadly sins.
7:00 PMThe Cabin in the Woods: Bad things happen when five friends go to a remote woodland cabin.
9:00 PMI Still Know What You Did Last Summer: A killer with a hook returns to stalk a young woman and her friends at a tropical island resort.
11:04 PMJoy Ride 3: Roadkill: Rusty Nail encounters street racers on a desolate stretch of road.