25 July 2017

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10:30 PMThe Night of the Iguana: In Mexico, a defrocked clergyman juggles relationships with three women of disparate personalities.
12:45 AMKnights of the Round Table: King Arthur's Guinevere loves Sir Lancelot.
3:00 AMMogambo: A chorus girl and a married woman fight over a white hunter in Africa.
5:15 AMBhowani Junction: A British colonel falls in love with an Anglo-Indian woman in World War II India.
7:15 AMThree Godfathers: In the desert, three Old West outlaws adopt the baby of a dying woman.
8:45 AMGood-bye, My Lady: A 14-year-old orphan grows attached to a stray dog, then learns the animal's owner wants it back.
10:45 AMFriends and Lovers: Two British officers meet an exotic beauty in India, then meet her again in England.
12:00 PMThe Woman Between: A Frenchwoman marries a rich man, then flirts with her stepson.
1:30 PMThe Match King: A scheming Chicago street cleaner corners the match market, swindling a movie star on the way.
3:00 PMGoldie Gets Along: A New Jersey girl leaves her boyfriend and hitchhikes to Hollywood to become a star.
4:15 PMFrisco Kid: A shanghaied sailor becomes a Barbary Coast gambler, saved from the gallows by a socialite.
5:45 PMWe're in the Money: Two tricky women serve legal papers to a playboy, wrestler, racketeer and singer.
7:00 PMTrial by Trigger: A logger tries to save a stand of redwood trees from a lumber company.
7:30 PMWells Fargo Days: A man sets out in search of the men who robbed a Wells Fargo office.
8:00 PMHot Rod: All evidence points to an innocent teenager whose car was involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident.
9:30 PMHot Rod Gang: A teenage heir must hide his interest in fast cars and rock 'n' roll.
11:00 PMGhost of Dragstrip Hollow: Teenage hot rodders throw a Halloween party in a haunted house.
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