23 October 2016

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10:30 PMWar: A vengeful FBI agent seeks an assassin he believes killed his partner.
12:15 AMThe Disappearance of Alice Creed: After turning their apartment into a fortified prison, two men kidnap a woman and tie her to a bed.
2:00 AMTooken: Brian uses his special skills to get his beloved dog back from Albanian mobsters.
3:30 AMThe Who Live in Hyde Park: The band performs at Hyde Park as a part of their 50th anniversary tour.
5:20 AMBecoming Bulletproof: Disabled people from across the United States take the leading roles in Western costume drama.
6:45 AMPride: Gays and lesbians from London lend their support to striking coal miners in 1984 Wales.
8:45 AMDelta Farce: Mistakenly deployed to Mexico, three bogus soldiers believe they are in the Middle East.
10:15 AMRat Race: Gamblers frantically search for a bag containing $2 million.
12:10 PMRules of Engagement: Decorated career Marine stands trial for botched mission.
2:30 PMThe Seven Five: Former NYPD officer Michael Dowd talks about his many years of illegal activities while on the job.
4:15 PMGood Kill: An Air Force drone pilot stationed in Las Vegas begins to question the ethics of his job.
6:00 PM3:10 to Yuma: A rancher escorts a captive outlaw to catch a train to stand trial.
8:05 PMTears of the Sun: A Navy SEAL and his squad try to protect a doctor and Nigerian refugees from ruthless rebels.
10:05 PMMachine Gun Preacher: Sam Childers, a former biker, travels to Africa to establish an orphanage for young victims of war.
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