1 February 2015

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10:00 PMWings: Two World War I pilots woo a young woman and fight the Germans. Silent.
12:30 AMAll Quiet on the Western Front: A young German soldier faces the mechanized horrors of World War I.
3:00 AMCimarron: Husband-and-wife homesteaders join the Oklahoma land rush of 1889 and stay on to build an empire.
5:15 AMThe Broadway Melody: Midwestern sisters go to New York, where one flirts with the other's dancer boyfriend.
7:15 AMCamille: A doomed courtesan clouds her young lover's name in 19th-century Paris.
9:15 AMRandom Harvest: An amnesiac World War I British veteran marries a chorus girl, then forgets her.
11:30 AMHumoresque: A married socialite falls tragically in love with a classical violinist.
1:45 PMThe Great Lie: A lost aviator's socialite wife makes a deal with a pianist having his baby.
3:45 PMMagnificent Obsession: A guilt-stricken playboy becomes a surgeon to restore a widow's sight.
5:45 PMImitation of Life: An actress's tie to her daughter parallels her housekeeper's tie to hers.
8:00 PMLittle Women: With her husband away at war, a woman raises four daughters in 19th-century New England.
10:00 PM42nd Street: A Broadway producer sends in the understudy when his show's star twists her ankle.
11:45 PMThe Public Enemy: A feisty punk hits women, shoots men and runs beer during Prohibition.