6 May 2015

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11:30 PMAgatha: A U.S. reporter joins the search for writer Agatha Christie, lost for 11 days in 1926.
1:15 AMAnd Then There Were None: An unknown host brings 10 sinners to an island, for punishment one by one.
3:15 AMAlways in My Heart: An ex-convict musician finds his ex-wife ready to remarry and his daughter rising as a singer.
5:00 AMHollywood Without Makeup: A compilation of home movies featuring Hollywood's celebrities in candid, off-screen moments.
6:00 AMNight Nurse: Two private nurses figure out a trust-fund murder scheme.
7:30 AMWar Nurse: American Army nurses find time for romance with soldiers while serving in World War I France.
9:00 AMLife Begins: Expectant mothers in a nurse's maternity ward include a nightclub singer and a murderer.
10:30 AMMovie
10:45 AMMovie
11:00 AMVigil in the Night: Two British sisters work as nurses through tragedy, romance and an epidemic.
12:45 PMThe Nurse's Secret: An apparent suicide by a rich woman leads her nurse and a policeman to an insurance scam.
2:00 PMA Farewell to Arms: A U.S. ambulance driver loves an English nurse in World War I Italy. From the Ernest Hemingway book.
3:45 PMRegistered Nurse: Two surgeons pursue a woman who must decide upon an operation to preserve her husband's sanity.
5:15 PMThe Nun's Story: A cloistered Belgian nun has doubts in the Congo and World War II Europe.
8:00 PMThe Killing: An ex-convict forms a gang to rob a horse track at the peak of the seventh race.
9:45 PMThe Asphalt Jungle: An ex-convict masterminds a jewel heist with assorted losers destined for a dragnet.
11:45 PMCrime Wave: Former jailmates lead a man unwillingly astray.