27 November 2015

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11:45 PMLost Horizon: A British diplomat and other Westerners land in Shangri-La.
2:15 AMThe Thief of Bagdad: A boy thief and a genie in a bottle help a blinded prince recover his kingdom from a grand vizier.
4:15 AMThe Boy and the Pirates: Abu the genie sends a boy back in time to the ship of Blackbeard the pirate.
6:00 AMOne Million Years B.C.: An exile from a hostile tribe woos a woman from a gentle tribe amid monsters and an earthquake.
7:45 AMMonkey Business: Four shipboard stowaways involved with gangsters.
9:15 AMDick Tracy: Detective Tracy rescues Tess Trueheart and Junior from a killer called Splitface.
10:30 AMSpook Busters: Slip and the Bowery Boys' first job as exterminators is at a mad scientist's mansion.
12:00 PMThe Poseidon Adventure: Clergyman leads capsized-liner survivors to high point.
2:15 PMBadlands: A thrill-seeking teenage girl joins a garbageman on a South Dakota killing spree.
4:15 PMThe Cincinnati Kid: An upstart card shark has a marathon game with the king of stud poker in 1930s New Orleans.
6:15 PMThe Thing From Another World: Arctic scientists find an alien that feeds on blood.
8:00 PMTo Kill a Mockingbird: A lawyer defends an innocent black man for rape in 1930s Alabama. Based on the novel by Harper Lee.
10:30 PMThe Stalking Moon: An Army scout rescues a white woman and her half-Indian son from their renegade captors.