30 August 2015

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10:30 PMRage: A rancher seeks revenge on the military after covert tests of poison gas kill his son and cattle.
12:15 AMPetulia: A divorced doctor has a hectic affair with a kooky married woman in 1960s San Francisco.
2:15 AMThe Last Run: A retired mob getaway driver agrees to take a fugitive across the Spanish border to France.
4:00 AMThe Formula: Detective ties his buddy's murder to an oil tycoon and a long-lost Nazi formula for synthetic fuel.
6:00 AMIt's a Big Country: Eight episodes by seven directors show an elderly Bostonian, a Texan, a preacher and others.
7:30 AMToday We Live: British aristocrat loves U.S. pilot in World War I.
9:30 AMFriendly Persuasion: Indiana Quakers disagree over their son's desire to join the Civil War.
12:00 PMOne Sunday Afternoon: After being jilted by a gold digger, a lonely Brooklyn dentist searches for happiness.
1:30 PMMeet John Doe: A reporter pays a bum to pose as her popular but made-up spokesman, John Doe.
3:45 PMTask Force: A Navy pilot proves the value of aircraft carriers, starting with the Langley in 1922.
6:00 PMThe Wreck of the Mary Deare: A salvager rescues the captain of a freighter whose mystery unfolds at a London court of inquiry.
8:00 PMMr. Deeds Goes to Town: A folksy New England poet inherits $20 million he doesn't want and tells a New York newswoman why.
10:15 PMSergeant York: Tennessee pacifist Alvin C. York becomes a World War I hero.
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