1 April 2015

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10:15 PMZorba the Greek: A lusty Greek peasant shows a British writer how to live and run a lignite mine.
12:45 AMLust for Life: Tormented Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh meets French painter Paul Gauguin.
3:00 AMCity for Conquest: A New York boxing contender is blinded in ring.
5:00 AMKnockout: A boxer quits for his bride, but his crooked manager steers him back to the ring.
6:15 AMElvis Mitchell: Under the Influence - Richard Gere
6:45 AMBroadway Melody of 1936: A Broadway columnist feuds with a producer whose upstate girlfriend poses as a Paris star.
8:30 AMBroadway Melody of 1938: A Broadway producer bankrolls his musical with winnings from the star's horse at Saratoga.
10:30 AMThe Girl of the Golden West: A lovesick sheriff competes with a Mexican bandit for a mining-town saloonkeeper.
12:45 PMYellow Jack: Army surgeon Maj. Walter Reed uses soldier volunteers to study yellow fever in 1900 Cuba.
2:15 PMFour Girls in White: Student nurses endure a training course in a hospital where one hopes to find a husband.
3:30 PMThe Kid From Texas: A cowhand loves polo and an heiress who shares his passion in the Old West.
4:45 PMThey Met in Argentina: An Argentine heiress flirts with a Texas oilman's agent sent to buy her father's racehorse.
6:15 PMSing Your Worries Away: A mobster wants what a songwriter and his cigarette-girl cousin are going to inherit.
8:00 PMOne Foot in Heaven: A Methodist minister and his wife raise a family through years of challenge in small-town parishes.
10:00 PMOne Man's Way: Norman Vincent Peale becomes a clergyman and spreads his positive thinking by mass media.
12:00 AMLocal Programming