24 July 2016

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11:00 PMAlaska State Troopers - Crime on the Kenai: Troopers in Soldotna are challenged with unforgiving terrain mixed with big city crime.
12:00 AMAlaska State Troopers - Alaska Chainsaw Massacre: A domestic violence call involving a chainsaw; a crime against a public safety officer.
1:00 AMSouthern Justice - Hunt in the Hollow  : Ash County Deputies conduct a manhunt in the mountains in search of a fugitive wanted for assault.
2:00 AMSouthern Justice - Domestic Disturbance  : Deputies investigate domestic violence cases in North Carolina's Appalachia region.
3:00 AMDrugs, Inc. - Jamaican Gangs, Guns and Ganja: Kingston, Jamaica, is under the control of sophisticated and warring drug gangs.
4:00 AMDrugs, Inc. - Mardi Gras: As tourists flood New Orleans, so do drug dealers eager to make a profit in a fierce competition.
5:00 AMDrugs, Inc. - Motor City Rush: With a city in decline and wealthy suburbs, Detroit is a drug dealer's dream.
6:00 AMNever Fear Power Outages: Stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages with Generac - the most trusted name.
6:30 AMFighting Cancer: Real Stories of Healing and Hope: Inspiring stories of how Cancer Treatment Centers of America is giving patients more hope.
7:00 AM5 Makeup Tips 4 Older Women!: Airbrushed makeup made easy!
7:30 AMLifeLock Protection: Identity theft protection: learn about America's fastest growing crime & how LifeLock can help you.
8:00 AMBissell Revolution: The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution outcleans the leading rental at half the weight!
8:30 AMPower Now: Bring power wherever life takes you with the iQ 2000 portable inverter generator.
9:00 AMWicked Tuna: Outer Banks - Tick Tock Tuna  : Crews fight for their final paychecks before the bluefin tuna season closes.
10:00 AMWicked Tuna: Outer Banks - The Fat Tuna Sings  : Teams compete in the final hour of the bluefin tuna season and hope to catch one last monster fish.
11:00 AMWicked Tuna: Outer Banks - First Strike  : Captains battle to make the season's first catch on opening day of the Outer Banks bluefin season.
12:00 PMWicked Tuna: Outer Banks - Bombs Away  : Capt. Marciano and Capt. Griffin struggle to regroup after colliding with Bonner Bridge.
1:00 PMWicked Tuna: Outer Banks - Fins of the Father  : The fleet battles the elements; a greenhorn struggles to prove himself to his father.
2:00 PMWicked Tuna: Outer Banks - Salty Gals and Southern Nights  : Captain Greg Mayer and his Fishin' Frenzy crew are the top earners at the start of day nine.
3:00 PMWicked Tuna: Outer Banks - Wicked Ride  : The start of the 11th day is met with treacherous winter weather in the Outer Banks fishing grounds.
4:00 PMWicked Tuna: Outer Banks - Reels of Misfortune  : Family is at the forefront of fishermen's fight to fish hard and make money.
5:00 PMWicked Tuna: Outer Banks - Nine-Foot Monster  : Seven crews take on the Outer Banks hoping to catch fish that are big enough to keep.
6:00 PMWicked Tuna: Outer Banks - Burn Blubber  : The season is coming to an end; crews desperately try to land fish and secure a paycheck.
7:00 PMWicked Tuna: Outer Banks - On a Fin and a Prayer  : Fleets have only five days left before the season closes; Reel Action gets stuck at the dock.
8:00 PMOriginal Sin: Sex - Government in the Bedroom  : Lawmakers try to regulate humanity's most intimate behavior.
9:00 PMOriginal Sin: Sex - Sex Ed Wars  : Explore the controversial and shocking history of sex education.
10:00 PMTaboo - Bizarre Passions: Exploring the far reaches of some people's definition of sex and love.
11:00 PMOriginal Sin: Sex - Sex Ed Wars  : Explore the controversial and shocking history of sex education.
12:00 AMLocal Programming