25 June 2017

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11:30 PMFear Factor - Computer Bugs  : Best friends face off against computer bugs and confront a fear of drowning.
12:30 AMFear Factor - Once Bitten, Twice Trapped  : Teams of roommates are covered in amazon creatures and contend with a mental mouse-trap game.
1:30 AMFear Factor - Party Games  : Fear party games for couples including bobbing for snakes, Fear Pong and driving blindfolded.
2:30 AMRidiculousness - DJ Khaled  : DJ Khaled; ``Grateful''; ``They''; ``Lost at Ski.''
3:00 AMRidiculousness - Dana White  : Dana White; ``Banned-Kinis''; ``Hot Heads.''
3:30 AMRidiculousness - Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub  : Podcast hosts Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub; ``Fighters and Funny People.''
4:00 AMRidiculousness - Quinton ``Rampage'' Jackson  : UFC fighter Quinton ``Rampage'' Jackson shows off his battle cry; Rob shares videos of bad endings.
4:30 AMRidiculousness - Post Malone  : Post Malone; ``Really White Iversons''; ``Saucin' on You''; ``Knuckle Tats.''
5:00 AMRidiculousness - Jamie Lee  : Jamie Lee; ``Girl Code''; ``Drunk Sluts''; ``Bad With Kids.''
5:30 AMRidiculousness - Big Baby D.R.A.M.  : Big Baby D.R.A.M.; ``Bad Broccoli''; ``Unclish''; ``Urban Predators.''
6:00 AMTeen Mom OG - Ginger's Last Binger  : Farrah and her mother have a fight; Matt is asked to write a book; Maci and Taylor celebrate.
7:00 AMTeen Mom OG - Cray Gardens  : Gary asks Amber for help with Leah; Maci gets to know Ryan's new girlfriend.
8:00 AMTeen Mom OG - I Do!  : Amber undergoes plastic surgery in hopes of helping with negative self image issues.
9:00 AMTeen Mom OG - A Fresh Start  : Maci and Ryan try to coordinate trick-or-treating; Amber gets excited about a business venture.
10:00 AMTeen Mom OG - Hello Again World!  : Farrah and Simon consider the status of their relationship; Maci throws Bentley a birthday party.
11:00 AMTeen Mom OG - Lil' Starburst  : Catelynn and Tyler celebrate Nova's birthday; Farrah makes a big decision about her future.
12:10 PMTeen Mom OG - Blue Christmas  : Ryan's girlfriend encourages him to communicate more with Maci about Bentley's schedule.
1:20 PMTeen Mom OG - Let's Try to Get Along  : Maci confides in Ryan's fiance about her co-parenting issues; Amber plans a fashion show.
2:30 PMTeen Mom OG - The Forever Knot  : Tyler tries to be optimistic about Butch's recovery; Farrah questions her mother's relationship.
3:40 PMTeen Mom OG - Viva Las Vegas  : Maci worries about Ryan's extracurricular activities; Catelynn and Tyler start an online boutique.
4:50 PMTeen Mom OG - Making Waves  : Amber, Maci, Catelynn and their significant others travel to Puerto Rico.
6:00 PMTeen Mom OG - Love in La La Land  : Maci and Taylor attend counseling; Farrah goes on a date with Asaf.
7:00 PMTeen Mom OG - Friday the Thirteenth  : Catelynn and Tyler sign Nova up for daycare; Maci throws a surprise birthday party.
8:00 PMTeen Mom OG - We Are Family  : Amber spends Easter with Gary; Catelynn and Tyler find their dream home; Farrah makes family effort.
9:00 PMTeen Mom OG - Truth Be Told  : Farrah and her mother's fianc argue about respect in Key West, Fla.
10:31 PMMy Super Sweet 16 - Golden Key Bromitzvah: A rapper celebrates his seventeenth birthday with a Bro-Mitzvah.
11:02 PMPromposal - Promposal on Pointe  : A choreographed dance promposal may not be enough to counter destructive rumors.
11:34 PMTeen Mom OG - Truth Be Told  : Farrah and her mother's fianc argue about respect in Key West, Fla.