22 July 2017

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11:30 PMMarried ... With Children - Poppy's by the Tree: Peggy becomes the target of a tourist-hating ax killer (Vic Polizos) while on vacation in Florida.
12:00 AMAll in the Family - Archie's Civil Rights: When Archie is mugged, he ends up on trial for having an illegal weapon in his possession.
12:30 AMAll in the Family - Gloria Is Nervous: Gloria takes out her frustrations about being pregnant on Mike.
1:00 AMAll in the Family - New Year's Wedding: Mike and Gloria fight over Mike constantly making decisions without consulting Gloria.
1:30 AMAll in the Family - Archie, the Babysitter: Grandpa Archie brings Gloria's baby home for a game of poker with the boys.
2:00 AMAll in the Family - Mike's Move: Mike may miss an opportunity for a promotion because of his race.
2:30 AMAll in the Family - Archie's Weighty Problem: Archie is not pleased when he is told by his doctor that he must lose 25 pounds.
3:00 AMAll in the Family - Love by Appointment: Gloria's 24-hour-a-day job as a new mother doesn't leave much time for Mike.
3:30 AMAll in the Family - Joey's Baptism: Archie will stop at nothing in order to have his grandson baptized.
4:00 AMThree's Company - The Not-So-Great Impostor: Jack pretends to be a famous chef to land a job.
4:30 AMThree's Company - Jack's Other Mother: An elderly neighbor smothers Jack with attention.
5:00 AMThree's Company - Make Room for Daddy: Jack plays cupid for his date's widowed father.
5:30 AMThree's Company - Janet's Secret: Janet tells her parents she and Jack are married.
6:00 AMThree's Company - Father of the Bride: A wealthy man (Jeffrey Tambor) pursues Cindy.
6:30 AMThree's Company - Furley vs. Furley: Fired Furley moves in with the roommates.
7:00 AMThree's Company - In Like Larry: Jack moves out and Larry moves in.
7:30 AMThree's Company - Teacher's Pet: The niece of the cooking-school dean pursues Jack.
8:00 AMThe Nanny - Kindervelt Days: To impress a rival, Fran brings Erik Estrada to her summer-camp reunion.
8:30 AMThe Nanny - Canasta Masta: Mr. Sheffield wants Brighton to play more sports; Brighton joins Yetta's canasta team.
9:00 AMThe Nanny - The Will: Mr. Sheffield asks Fran to be guardian of his children in the event of his death.
9:30 AMThe Nanny - The Nanny Behind the Man: Maxwell wines and dines a playwright to win rights to his latest play.
10:00 AMThe Nanny - A Fine Friendship: When Fran befriends an attractive male nanny, Mr. Sheffield reveals his possessive side.
10:30 AMThe Nanny - Lamb Chop's on the Menu: Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop visit, then the dog has sock remnants in his mouth.
11:00 AMMama's Family - An Ill Wind: A Thanksgiving tornado traps the clan in the cellar.
11:30 AMMama's Family - Steal One, Pearl Two: Iola believes Bubba is the prime suspect after her pearl necklace disappears.
12:00 PMMama's Family - Where There's Smoke: Bubba may ruin Mama's chance of becoming president of a church club.
12:30 PMMama's Family - Fly Naomi: Naomi causes problems at home when she decides to become a flight attendant.
1:00 PMMama's Family - Santa Mama: Mama's not in the merriest of moods when she's forced to play Santa at the mall.
1:30 PMMama's Family - Desperately Seeking Anyone: Iola's blind date sets his sights on Mama.
2:00 PMRoseanne - Halloween V: Dan wants to play a Halloween prank on Nancy; David and Darlene spook Roseanne.
2:30 PMRoseanne - Homeward Bound: A surprise visit from Darlene makes David realize how much he misses her.
3:00 PMRoseanne - Guilt by Imagination: Dan tries to conceal the fact he had lunch with an old flame.
3:30 PMRoseanne - Homecoming: Becky and Mark return to help celebrate a momentous anniversary for Dan.
4:00 PMRoseanne - Thanksgiving '93: A fight, a revealed secret and a fleeing grandmother mark Thanksgiving.
4:30 PMRoseanne - The Driver's Seat: Roseanne and Leon squabble over the Lunch Box diner; D.J. goes joy riding.
5:00 PMMarried ... With Children - If I Were a Rich Man: Al's accused of pilfering $1 million after he and Steve play poker in a bank vault.
5:30 PMMarried ... With Children - Buck Can Do It: Neighbors put Al under pressure to end canine Buck's amorous escapades.
6:00 PMMarried ... With Children - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Miffed Marcy goes out on the town to an exotic dance club with Peggy.
6:30 PMMarried ... With Children - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Marcy's wedding ring slips off as she stuffs money into the pants of a male exotic dancer.
7:00 PMMarried ... With Children - For Whom the Bell Tolls: The Bundy gang is without phone service after Al refuses to pay the bill.
7:30 PMMarried ... With Children - Born to Walk: Al faces a series of misfortunes after he fails his driving test.
8:00 PMThree's Company - And Baby Makes Four: Janet and Jack think Cindy is pregnant.
8:30 PMThree's Company - The Night of the Ropers: The roommates try to patch up the feuding Ropers.
9:00 PMThree's Company - Double Trouble: Jack poses as his own twin to court Ralph's niece.
9:30 PMThree's Company - Dying to Meet You: A woman's jealous boyfriend threatens Jack.
10:00 PMThree's Company - The Case of the Missing Blonde: Jack and Janet pursue clues after Cindy vanishes.
10:30 PMThree's Company - Honest Jack Tripper: Jack stops lying to women about his roommates.
11:00 PMThree's Company - Jack Bares All: Jack and Janet find a new roommate after Cindy moves into a college dorm.
11:30 PMThree's Company - Jack Bares All: Jack and Larry plot to get rid of Terri.
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