20 February 2017

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11:30 PMMarried ... With Children - If I Were a Rich Man: Al's accused of pilfering $1 million after he and Steve play poker in a bank vault.
12:00 AMAll in the Family - The Locket: Edith's antique locket is missing and Archie sees it as a way to collect from the insurance company.
12:30 AMAll in the Family - Mike's Appendix: Mike has been having a pain and the doctor tells him that he needs to have an appendectomy.
1:00 AMAll in the Family - Edith's Winning Ticket: Edith finds a winning lottery ticket, but claims it belongs to George Jefferson.
1:30 AMAll in the Family - Archie and the Bowling Team: Archie is asked to try out when there is an opening on the Cannonballers bowling team.
2:00 AMAll in the Family - Archie Goes to the Hospital: Archie is bedridden with a backache, and Mike is sure it is psychosomatic.
2:30 AMAll in the Family - Oh Say Can You See?: A friend eases Archie's worries about aging.
3:00 AMAll in the Family - Archie Goes Too Far: A lost magazine and a found poem initiate a family feud on the right to privacy.
3:30 AMAll in the Family - The Hot Watch: Mike is convinced Archie's new watch is stolen and warns against getting fixed.
4:00 AMBewitched - Birdies, Bogies and Baxter: With the help of Samantha and Endora, Darrin becomes a great golfer, and almost loses his job.
4:30 AMBewitched - The Safe and Sane Halloween: Darrin is upset when Samantha reads Halloween stories to Tabitha.
5:00 AMBewitched - Out of Sync, Out of Mind: Aunt Clara tries a spell that backfires and throws Samantha's voice out of sync.
5:30 AMBewitched - Allergic to Macedonian Dodo Birds: Tabitha conjures up a dodo bird; Endora's magic is mysteriously transferred to Aunt Clara.
6:00 AMBewitched - Samantha's Thanksgiving to Remember: Aunt Clara zaps the Stephenses and Gladys Kravitz to Plymouth on Thanksgiving Day.
6:30 AMBewitched - My What Big Ears You Have: Darrin has a surprise for Samantha; Endora makes Darrin's ears grow every time he lies.
7:00 AMDesigning Women - The Bachelor Auction: An embarrassed Suzanne wins a date with Anthony at a bachelor charity auction.
7:30 AMDesigning Women - Charlene Buys a House: Charlene hires Sugarbakers to decorate her new house, which appears to be haunted.
8:00 AMDesigning Women - Old Rebels & Young Models: Mary Jo harbors a favorite teacher (Meg Wyllie) who has escaped from a nursing home.
8:30 AMDesigning Women - Nowhere to Run To: Julia becomes obsessed with fitness when Mary Jo gets her to start jogging.
9:00 AMDesigning Women - A Class Act: Anthony becomes a partner; Charlene fends off an amorous professor.
9:30 AMDesigning Women - Keep the Home Fires Burning: While Bill is away, Charlene befriends a man she meets at a support group.
10:00 AMThree's Company - Janet's High School Sweetheart: Janet runs into her high-school sweetheart.
10:30 AMThree's Company - Jack's Uncle: Jack's uncle pays the rent with a bad check.
11:00 AMThree's Company - Helen's Job: Mrs. Roper takes a job to spite her husband.
11:30 AMThree's Company - The Gift: Chrissy thinks Mrs. Roper's gift is for her.
12:00 PMThree's Company - The Rivals: Janet accuses Chrissy of stealing an executive away from her.
12:30 PMThree's Company - The Baby Sitters: Jack and Chrissy spend a nightmarish evening subbing for Janet as baby sitters.
1:00 PMMarried ... With Children - For Whom the Bell Tolls: The Bundy gang is without phone service after Al refuses to pay the bill.
1:35 PMMarried ... With Children - Born to Walk: Al faces a series of misfortunes after he fails his driving test.
2:09 PMMarried ... With Children - Alley of the Dolls: Peggy's high-school rival challenges the Bundy family to a bowling contest.
2:44 PMMarried ... With Children - The Razor's Edge: Steve moves in with the Bundy family when Marcy kicks him out.
3:18 PMMarried ... With Children - How Do You Spell Revenge?: Al gets upset when he discovers that Kelly's beau is the son of Peggy's old high-school boyfriend.
3:53 PMMarried ... With Children - Earth Angel: Al is upset when Bud brings home a destitute woman, until he discovers she's a blond beauty.
4:27 PMMarried ... With Children - You Better Watch Out: Al is forced to step in when a hapless Santa accidentally parachutes into the Bundys' backyard.
5:00 PMRoseanne - A Stash From the Past: Foreman Dan feels lower than low for getting tough with his employees at work.
5:30 PMRoseanne - Be My Baby: After Roseanne expresses interest in having another child, Jackie reveals her own pregnancy.
6:00 PMRoseanne - Halloween V: Dan wants to play a Halloween prank on Nancy; David and Darlene spook Roseanne.
6:30 PMRoseanne - Homecoming: Becky and Mark return to help celebrate a momentous anniversary for Dan.
7:00 PMRoseanne - Thanksgiving '93: A fight, a revealed secret and a fleeing grandmother mark Thanksgiving.
7:30 PMRoseanne - The Driver's Seat: Roseanne and Leon squabble over the Lunch Box diner; D.J. goes joy riding.
8:00 PMThree's Company - Home Movies: A new boyfriend leads Chrissy to try filmmaking.
8:30 PMThree's Company - Jack in the Flower Shop: Janet hires Jack to work in the flower shop.
9:00 PMThree's Company - Jack's Navy Pal: Jack and the girls hope to keep the Ropers from raising the rent.
9:30 PMThree's Company - Will the Real Jack Tripper: A pregnant woman claims Jack is the father of her unborn child.
10:00 PMThree's Company - Days of Beer and Weeds: Jack discovers what appears to be marijuana plants in Roper's garden.
10:30 PMThree's Company - Chrissy Come Home: Chrissy's minister father pays an early visit.
11:00 PMEdward Scissorhands: A deceased inventor's creation becomes a celebrity when a cheery suburbanite brings him home.