26 August 2016

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11:00 PMThe Mummy: An Egyptian mummy searches Cairo for the girl he thinks is his long-lost princess.
12:30 AMThe Black Cat: Stranded Budapest honeymooners follow a mad doctor to a black-lipped architect's Art Deco manor.
1:45 AMThe Body Snatcher: A carriage cabby sells cadavers to a medical-school doctor in 19th-century Edinburgh.
3:15 AMIsle of the Dead: A Greek general in the 1912 Balkans finds his wife's grave robbed and fights a plague.
4:30 AMBedlam: A portly lord sends an 18th-century London actress to a madman's insane asylum.
6:00 AMMister Buddwing: An amnesiac wakes up in New York and turns to women he might have known, hoping to remember.
8:00 AMHow Sweet It Is!: A photographer and his wife flirt with others while in Europe with their hippie son.
10:00 AMThe Americanization of Emily: A Navy officer, ordered to document the first D-Day fatality, wines and dines a London widow.
12:00 PMThe Thrill of It All: A doctor's wife disrupts their life with her new job as star of a soap tycoon's TV commercials.
2:00 PM36 Hours: Disguised Nazi seeks D-Day data from drugged U.S. major.
4:15 PMHour of the Gun: Wyatt Earp deputizes Doc Holliday and forms a posse to hunt Ike Clanton and his gang.
6:15 PMSupport Your Local Sheriff!: A stranger tames an Old West boomtown and woos the mayor's daughter on his way to Australia.
8:00 PMThe Great Escape: Allied soldiers dig a tunnel out of a Nazi prison camp, pocketfuls of dirt at a time.
11:00 PMGrand Prix: Personal lives of Formula One drivers affect their performance on the European circuit.