25 May 2015

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11:00 PMUndercover Boss - Mohegan Sun Casino: Mohegan Sun Chairman Bruce ``Two Dogs'' Bozsum goes under cover.
12:00 AMUndercover Boss - Sky Zone: Sky Zone CEO Jeff Platt referees a kids' dodgeball game during a stint under cover.
1:00 AMUndercover Boss - Massage Heights: Massage Heights COO Shane Evans must overcome her aversion to touching other people.
2:00 AMUndercover Boss - Mack Trucks: When CEO Denny Slagle goes under cover, he accidentally brings the plant's assembly line to a halt.
3:00 AMThe Nate Berkus Show - Design Indulgences: Bedroom Sanctuary Must-Haves & Decadent Dessert Recipes! Plus, an Exclusive Shopping Discount Just for You!: Dr. Laura Berman; chefs Gail Simmons and Johnny Iuzzini; comfortable clothes.
4:00 AMDr. Phil: Women with controlling, abusive husbands.
5:00 AMDr. Phil: Guests say they have body dysmorphic disorder.
6:00 AMDateline on OWN - Down by the River  : A boy's body is found three weeks after his disappearance.
7:00 AMDr. Phil: Teens involved in abusive relationships.
8:00 AMDr. Phil - Underage Marriage: A family drama revolves around teen marriage, accusations of sexual abuse and maternal abandonment.
9:00 AMDr. Phil: The doctor and Robin tackle romance dilemmas.
10:00 AMDr. Phil: Guests say they took the law into their own hands.
11:00 AMDr. Phil: Drug addicts ask the doctor for help changing their lifestyles.
12:00 PMDr. Phil: A woman thinks her son's fiancee is not good enough for him.
1:00 PMDr. Phil: Guests return with updates on their situations.
2:00 PMDateline on OWN - The Mystery on Albion Road  : A young woman is found nearly dead in the middle of the road.
3:00 PMDateline on OWN - The Night Before Halloween  : Spotting something out of place at a crime scene.
4:00 PMDateline on OWN - The Night Mary Jane Disappeared  : A small child witnesses her mother's murder.
5:00 PMDateline on OWN - To Catch a Con Man  : Internet con artists.
6:00 PMDateline on OWN - In the Bedroom  : A body is found in a bedroom.
7:00 PMDateline on OWN - Justice for Sparkle  : A young person falls in love with someone their parents hate.
8:00 PMDateline on OWN - Through the Pouring Rain  : An intruder assaults women in upscale neighborhoods.
9:00 PMDateline on OWN - Twisted Faith  : A crime remains hidden for years.
10:00 PMDateline on OWN - The Confession  : Police charge Chris Tapp with the murder of Angie Doge but DNA evidence proves his innocence.
11:00 PMDateline on OWN - Through the Pouring Rain  : An intruder assaults women in upscale neighborhoods.
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