20 September 2014

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11:45 PMConan the Destroyer: An evil queen wants Conan to fetch a jewel-encrusted horn that can awaken the dead.
2:00 AMConan the Barbarian: Pit fighter Conan sets out with a Mongol and a queen to take his father's sword from a snake king.
4:45 AMComedy Bang! Bang! - Jim Gaffigan Wears a Blue Jacket & Plum T-Shirt  : Jim Gaffigan eyes a new invention while Scott's boss gets angry; a lazy friend crashes on the set.
5:15 AMComedy Bang! Bang! - Andy Dick Wears a Black Suit Jacket & Skinny Tie  : Scott think about what can happen when one bus is missed; Andy Dick and Reggie split realities.
5:45 AMComedy Bang! Bang! - Craig Robinson  : Craig Robinson's saucy question; Reggie's space battle; a comedy team is hiding a deadly secret.
6:00 AMComedy Bang! Bang! - Alison Brie 
6:15 AMThe Birthday Boys - Cool Machine  : A scientific contraption that promises to turn the guys into cool versions of themselves.
6:45 AMThe Birthday Boys - Helpful Tips  : The seven Pinkus brothers, owners and founders of The 7 Brothers' Brewery; pool hustlers.
7:15 AMBatman - Come Back, Shame: A determined villain (Cliff Robertson) believes his special truck can outrun the Batmobile.
7:45 AMBatman - It's the Way You Play the Game: Shame (Cliff Robertson) uses his high-powered truck to steal valuable steers.
8:15 AMBatman - The Penguin's Nest: The Penguin hopes to be sent to the state prison so he can team up with a forger.
8:45 AMBatman - The Bird's Last Jest: Batman hopes to fool the Penguin by having Alfred pose as a forger.
9:15 AMBatman - The Cat's Meow: Catwoman plans to steal the voices of singers Chad and Jeremy.
9:45 AMBatman - The Bats Kow Tow: Batman and Robin pursue Catwoman, who has stolen the voices of others.
10:15 AMBatman - The Puzzles Are Coming: The Puzzler uses balloons to leave Batman and Robin his baffling clues.
10:45 AMBatman - The Duo Is Slumming: The Puzzler's latest plot fails once Batman and Robin break his code.
11:15 AMBatman - The Sandman Cometh: Catwoman schemes with a dream-inducing thug.
11:45 AMBatman - The Catwoman Goeth: Sandman double-crosses Catwoman to steal J. Pauline Spaghetti's noodle fortune for himself.
12:15 PMGarfunkel and Oates - Eggs  : Riki attends a baby sprinkle and afterwards gets examined by a fertility doctor; Peter Pan Syndrome.
12:45 PMThe Thin Red Line: The men of Charlie Company try to take Guadalcanal Island from the Japanese in World War II.
4:15 PMBraveheart: A Scotsman leads a revolt against the English king.
8:00 PMRambo: A clergyman persuades Rambo to rescue captive missionaries in Burma.
10:00 PMRambo: A clergyman persuades Rambo to rescue captive missionaries in Burma.
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