18 December 2014

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11:30 PMThe Chronicles of Riddick: A fugitive fights an invading ruler and his army.
2:00 AMTop Gear: The New Bus for London; Range Rover.
3:00 AMTop Gear: Richard races a Ferrari Daytona from Portofino to St. Tropez against James in a power boat.
4:00 AMTop Gear: Jeremy and James invade Greenham Common to ask if the Communists ever made a good car.
5:00 AMTop Gear: Deadly toys in the British Army's arsenal; racing the Royal Mail across the British Isles.
6:00 AMBBC World News
7:00 AMBBC World News
8:00 AMDoctor Who - The Bells of Saint John: The Doctor searches for Clara in London, where something dangerous lurks in the Wi-Fi signals.
9:00 AMDoctor Who - The Rings of Akhaten: A sacrifice will be demanded during the Festival of Offerings on the planet Akhaten.
10:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Force of Nature: Siblings contend warp drive is destroying the universe.
11:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Inheritance: On an endangered planet, Data meets a woman who claims to be his mother.
12:00 PMBattlestar Galactica - Pegasus: The appearance of a superior colonial battlestar is cause for celebration aboard Galactica.
1:00 PMBattlestar Galactica - Resurrection Ship: Teams try to join forces.
2:00 PMBattlestar Galactica - Resurrection Ship: Battlestar Galactica and Pegasus battle to destroy the Cylon resurrection ship.
3:00 PMKitchen Nightmares - Lela's: Gordon tries to improve business for an upscale California restaurant.
4:00 PMKitchen Nightmares - Finn McCool's: Gordon visits a restaurant where the head chef makes everyone unhappy.
5:00 PMKitchen Nightmares - Hannah & Mason's: Chef Ramsay helps two friends who bought a French Bistro they used to work in.
6:00 PMKitchen Nightmares - Le Bistro: Chef Ramsay travels to South Florida to help a clueless head chef revive his French restaurant.
7:00 PMKitchen Nightmares - Ms. Jean's Southern Cuisine: Ramsay heads to Pennsylvania's Ms. Jean's Southern Cuisine.
8:00 PMKitchen Nightmares - Davide: Ramsay travels to Boston to help a restaurant owner.
9:00 PMKitchen Nightmares - Down City: Ramsay visits a Providence, R.I., restaurant to see if he can help the owners turn it around.
10:00 PMKitchen Nightmares - Caf Tavolini: Chef Ramsay travels to Bridgeport, Conn., in hope of transforming an eatery into a success.
11:00 PMKitchen Nightmares - Davide: Ramsay travels to Boston to help a restaurant owner.