21 August 2014

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11:01 PMLegends - Chemistry  : A high school chemistry teacher and his family are kidnapped; Martin goes under cover.
12:01 AMFranklin & Bash - Kershaw v. Lincecum: The boys must call in favors to obtain tickets to a highly anticipated basketball game.
1:02 AMHawaii Five-0 - Ki'ilua: McGarrett goes to North Korea with Jenna to deliver ransom to rebels holding her fiance hostage.
2:02 AMThe Mentalist - Where in the World Is Carmine O'Brien: When the team investigates a police chief's murder in a resort town, Lisbon runs into her brother.
3:02 AMNUMB3RS - Tabu: Don's team tries to find an heiress's captors.
4:01 AMLaw & Order - For the Defense: A key witness in a murder trial is found dead outside her hotel room.
5:00 AMSmallville - Lockdown: The two cops who saw the spaceship land in the meteor shower take Lex and Lana hostage.
6:00 AMSmallville - Reckoning: Jonathan and Lex learn the results of the senatorial election.
7:00 AMCharmed - Sight Unseen: The sisters are stalked by an evil force that breaks into their house.
8:00 AMCharmed - Primrose Empath: Prue is flattened by a painful flood of human emotion when a spell backfires.
9:00 AMSupernatural - We Need to Talk About Kevin: When Dean emerges from purgatory, his reunion with Sam isn't what he expected.
10:00 AMSupernatural - What's Up, Tiger Mommy?: Sam and Dean discover that Crowley has surrounded Kevin's mother with demons.
11:00 AMSupernatural - Heartache: Sam and Dean investigate murders where the victims all received organs from the same donor.
12:00 PMBones - The Party in the Pants: The team investigates when a stock broker -- who moonlights as a stripper -- is murdered.
1:00 PMBones - The Pathos in the Pathogens: A journalist infected by a mutated virus is found dead at a biohazard facility.
2:00 PMBones - The Secret in the Siege: An investigation reveals a string of murders tied to FBI agents; Brennan evaluates her relationship.
3:00 PMBones - Pilot: Skeletal remains found at the bottom of a lake turn out to be those of a congressman's former aide.
4:00 PMCastle - An Embarrassment of Bitches: The investigation into the death of a famous dog trainer leads to a reality-TV star.
5:00 PMCastle - The Blue Butterfly: Castle and Beckett investigate a mysterious case from 1947 in order to solve a present-day murder.
6:00 PMCastle - Pandora: Castle and Beckett find that the killer they are pursuing is part of an international conspiracy.
7:00 PMCastle - Linchpin: Beckett and Castle must stop a series of events that could result in a war.
8:00 PMCastle - Once Upon a Crime: Castle and Beckett pursue a killer who dresses his victims as fairytale characters.
9:01 PMCastle - A Dance With Death: Castle and Beckett investigate the death of a contestant on a popular dance competition show.
10:02 PMCastle - 47 Seconds: Beckett and Castle investigate when a bomb kills five people at a protest rally.
11:03 PMDallas - Denial, Anger, Acceptance: The Ewing family tries to discover who set the fire at the Southfork Ranch.
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