5 February 2016

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10:00 PMThe Hangover Part III: Phil, Stu and Doug take Alan on a road trip to help him through a personal crisis.
12:02 AMHawaii Five-0 - Ike Hanau: The wife of one of Grover's friends falls to her death; Dr. Shaw and Danny are stuck in an elevator.
1:02 AMHawaii Five-0 - Ua helele'i ka hoku: After a murder takes place at a convention of Elvis impersonators, the victim's body is stolen.
2:02 AMHawaii Five-0 - Ho'amoano: A dead woman is found in a hotel suite belonging to three men who can't remember what happened.
3:02 AMHawaii Five-0 - Mo'o 'olelo Pu: During a solo outrigger trip, Kono encounters bad weather and must fight for her life.
4:00 AMHawaii Five-0 - Luapo'i: After apprehending a fugitive, a bounty hunter is murdered; Rachel reveals a secret to Danny.
5:00 AMGrimm - Big Feet: Nick learns that a murder suspect is unable to return to a human form.
6:00 AMLaw & Order - Privileged: An alcoholic who was abused as a child is accused of a couple's stabbing murders.
7:00 AMLaw & Order - Cruel and Unusual: Controversial therapy may have caused an autistic's death; McCoy must discredit the main witness.
8:00 AMLaw & Order - Bad Faith: A detective's death causes Logan to think he may have repressed memories.
9:00 AMLaw & Order - Purple Heart: The murders of a cabdriver and a hit man lead to the cabbie's wife.
10:00 AMLaw & Order - Switch: The psychiatrist of a young woman with multiple personalities is murdered.
11:00 AMLaw & Order - Pride: A gay councilman's companion and his ousted opponent are suspects in the politician's murder.
12:00 PMLaw & Order - Bitter Fruit: Briscoe and his new partner, Rey Curtis, search for a murder suspect.
1:00 PMThe Terminal: A European living in an airport befriends a stewardess.
3:45 PMJust Like Heaven: A San Francisco widower falls in love with a ghostly doctor while subletting her apartment.
5:45 PMLife as We Know It: Two people must learn to put aside their mutual dislike and raise their orphaned goddaughter.
8:00 PMValentine's Day: Los Angeles residents wend their way into and out of romance.
10:45 PMIt's Complicated: A divorcee is caught between her ex and an architect.