18 October 2017

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11:15 PMBattlefield Earth: A young man confronts an alien conqueror on 3000 Earth. From an L. Ron Hubbard book.
1:15 AMSexipede: Beautiful women make your erotic dreams come true.
2:35 AMBrokeback Mountain: Two cowboys have a secret romance over many years. Based on a story by Annie Proulx.
4:50 AMWho Gets the Dog?: A divorcing couple battle over who gets custody of their beloved dog.
6:30 AMCas & Dylan: A dying doctor with plans to go out on his own terms takes a detour with a 22-year-old woman.
8:05 AMArthur & Merlin: Banished warrior Arthur and hermit wizard Merlin must join forces to defeat an evil druid.
10:00 AMA.R.C.H.I.E.: A young woman befriends a stray robot dog and the two help each other fit in.
11:30 AMKelly's Hollywood: A man's quest to fulfill his disabled sister's Hollywood dreams takes an unexpected turn.
1:00 PMPrimeval: A news team travels to Africa to find a giant crocodile said to have claimed hundreds of lives.
2:45 PMThe Architect: A couple hire an uncompromising modernist architect to build their dream house.
4:30 PM1408: A skeptical author spends a night in a reputedly haunted hotel room.
6:15 PMDazed and Confused: Teens waste another day of school before getting down to wasting summer in 1976 Austin, Texas.
8:00 PMSmokey and the Bandit: Sheriff Buford T. Justice chases a trucker, his buddy, a runaway bride and 400 cases of beer.
9:40 PMFree State of Jones: Newt Knight joins forces with farmers and slaves to lead a rebellion against the Confederacy.
12:00 AMLocal Programming