18 January 2017

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11:45 PMMeet Me in St. Louis: A St. Louis lawyer's family stays in town for the 1904 World's Fair.
2:00 AMCity Lights: Little tramp helps blind flower girl. Silent.
3:45 AMRebel Without a Cause: Volatile teens with feckless parents witness tragedy.
6:00 AMMelody Cruise: A singing playboy and his buddy cruise to California with good-time girls.
7:30 AMCockeyed Cavaliers: A kleptomaniac and his sidekick are mistaken for the king's physicians in medieval England.
8:45 AMA Woman Rebels: The daughter of a strict judge crusades for women's rights in Victorian England.
10:30 AMOutcast Lady: A young woman risks her own well-being to help her alcoholic brother.
12:00 PMRiptide: The wife of an English lord has a grounds-for-divorce encounter with a playboy from her past.
1:45 PMThe Flame Within: A psychiatrist treats an alcoholic she loves and a suicidal girl who loves him.
3:00 PMMake Way for a Lady: A teenager plays matchmaker for her widower father.
4:15 PMWoman Against Woman: An anguished man devises a means to placate his wife and his former mate.
5:30 PMThe Razor's Edge: Somerset Maugham's Larry Darrell goes to Paris and Tibet to find the meaning of life.
8:00 PMHere Comes the Groom: A reporter tries to stop his ex-girlfriend from marrying a Boston millionaire.
10:00 PMMagic Town: Fame spoils the town of Grandview after word leaks out a pollster deems it average.