29 July 2016

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11:30 PMRuff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - A Pattern Adventure; A Matching Adventure 
12:00 AMAstroblast! - Shape Up; Puzzle Hunt  : Radar thinks gadgets are the best way to move around and get things done.
12:30 AMClangers - The Brilliant Surprise 
12:45 AMClangers - The Ball 
1:00 AMClangers - Planty 
1:15 AMClangers - The Game  : Tiny, Small and Baby Soup Dragon invent a game involving throwing stones into a mug.
1:30 AMPajanimals - Game Day: Squacky has loads of energy at bedtime and can't sleep.
1:45 AMPajanimals - Share Day: Sweet Pea fears public speaking.
2:00 AMLazyTown - Time to Learn: It's the last day of school and the kids are excited to finish the big final exam.
2:30 AMTree Fu Tom - Tom's Big Spell  : Tom and Twigs learn a new spell involving a magic potion and some Tree Fu moves.
3:00 AMEarth to Luna! - Luna's Lunar Quest 
3:15 AMEarth to Luna! - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 
3:30 AMBoj - Mia's Pet  : Mia has a ladybird pet.
3:45 AMBoj - Giggly Park Rescue Squad  : Denzil and Gavin both want Boj to play with them and not the other.
4:00 AMChloe's Closet - A Samba Success  : Chloe and friends help a parrot.
4:15 AMChloe's Closet - Sinnie's Boo Boo  : Chloe, Danny and Jet go to Scotland.
4:30 AMPoppy Cat - Jungle Butterfly  : Poppy takes the jungle butterfly back to Flutterby Falls, so he can be with his friends.
4:45 AMPoppy Cat - Space Race  : Zuzu eats the last of Mo's jellybeans. The gang goes Planet Ring-O-Beans to get more jellybeans.
5:00 AMSydney Sailboat - New Tricks  : Zip loves her new navigation device so much, she doesn't listen to Terry's lesson.
5:15 AMSydney Sailboat - Trash and Treasure  : When Sydney's toolbox gets too full, Terry makes him clean it out.
5:30 AMZou - Zou the Magician  : Zou decides he'd like to be a magician.
5:45 AMZou - Zou and Zonk the Giant Dinosaur  : Zou builds a giant dinosaur in the garden out of furniture and household goods.
6:00 AMRuff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - A Bubble Adventure; A Starry Adventure 
6:30 AMAstroblast! - Are You My Piffin?; Halley's Wannabe  : Halley discovers an adorable baby piffin, and the whole crew falls in love with the lost little guy.
7:00 AMLittle People - Give It Back! 
7:15 AMLittle People - A Walk in Someone Else's Hooves 
7:30 AMYaYa & Zouk - Hypnosis 
7:37 AMYaYa & Zouk - Zouk the Explorer 
7:45 AMYaYa & Zouk - The Great Yaya 
7:52 AMYaYa & Zouk - Orange Juice 
8:00 AMCaillou - Team Player Caillou: Caillou is chosen to be the conductor at school, but he hurts other people's feelings; superheroes.
8:30 AMCaillou - I'm Learning!: Caillou meets a cowboy; fire drill; Caillou spends his own money at the grocery store; picnic.
9:00 AMMaya the Bee - The Stranger; Beware of the Bear  : Maya and Barry look for a mushroom thief.
9:20 AMNoodle and Doodle - Bake Sale  : Sean, Noodle and Doodle help friends with a school bake sale.
9:40 AMLily's Driftwood Bay - Clarissa; Under New Management  : Salty's boat Delilah is showing its age, and Lily is shocked to learn that Salty is replacing it.
10:00 AMThe Floogals - Project Puzzle  : The Floogals must learn to assemble a puzzle when they accidentally scatter the pieces on the floor.
10:20 AMSuper Wings - Penguin Parade 
10:40 AMThe Doozers - A Sticky Situation  : The Pod Squad comes to the rescue when Professor Gimbal gets stuck in the playground.
11:00 AMTerrific Trucks - Making the Grade; Terrific Truck, Terrific Tests  : Blinker overdoes it; Sparky has a negative attitude.
11:19 AMRuff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - A Squeaky Ball Adventure  : Different sports are played to find the perfect game for Ruff-Ruff's favourite squeaky ball.
11:37 AMThe Chica Show - Twinkle Toes  : Ballerina Chica learns to practice.
12:00 PMCaillou - Caillou's Discoveries: Caillou blames his sister when something goes missing; Caillou worries about his friend.
12:30 PMCaillou - Doing It Together!: Caillou, Leo and Rosie make a rocket ship; snow shoveling; bowling.
1:00 PMThe Berenstain Bears - Too Much Vacation; The Giant Mall: Papa's upset when things go wrong on vacation; the Bear family visits the new mall.
1:30 PMLittle People - Give It Back! 
1:45 PMLittle People - A Walk in Someone Else's Hooves 
2:00 PMYaYa & Zouk - Light as Air  : YaYa dreams she's floating like a balloon on a string.
2:07 PMYaYa & Zouk - The Closet  : Lulu the ogre gets lost in the closet and Zouk goes to find her.
2:15 PMYaYa & Zouk - The Staircase  : YaYa and Zouk pursue their ball when it's engulfed by a mirror.
2:22 PMYaYa & Zouk - The Masked Vigilantes  : YaYa and Zouk dress up as masked vigilantes and assist anyone who needs help.
2:30 PMAstroblast! - What a Mess; Zmax Marks the Spot  : Radar forgets to clean up after himself, frustrating the crew and turning the station into a mess.
3:00 PMThe Doozers - Follow Your Nose  : Molly must sell 100 smackleberry muffins before their flavor disappears.
3:15 PMThe Doozers - Bubbles  : The Doozers are so excited to try out their new cleaning machine that they send it into overdrive.
3:30 PMThe Doozers - Mega Magnet Mover  : The Pod Squad work together to find Flex's missing Doodriver.
3:45 PMThe Doozers - Zip It  : A broken Peach Picker inspires the Pod Squad to invent a new way to get the peaches off the trees.
4:00 PMThe Doozers - Green Thumbs  : Flex and the gang hunt for a new spot to plant radishes.
4:15 PMThe Doozers - Be-Leaf It  : After the Fall Foliage festival, the Pod Squad learn what to do with extra leaves.
4:30 PMThe Doozers - Dancing Doodad  : Doodad refuses to attend Dancing Night because he doesn't know how to dance.
4:45 PMThe Doozers - Doozers Amusers  : Baby Pinball just won't crack a smile, but the Pod Squad is determined to make him laugh.
5:00 PMThe Doozers - Safe From Sound  : The Pod Squad invent a Music Muffling Cocoon to block the sound of Chief Doozer's instrument.
5:15 PMThe Doozers - A Sticky Situation  : The Pod Squad comes to the rescue when Professor Gimbal gets stuck in the playground.
5:30 PMThe Doozers - Mystery Box  : The Pod Squad work together to open a Mystery Box.
5:45 PMThe Doozers - Up, Up and Away  : The Pod Squad enter into a hot air balloon race.
6:00 PMThe Rescuers: Members of the all-mouse Rescue Aid Society set out to retrieve a girl from kidnappers. Animated.
7:45 PMThe Rescuers: Members of the all-mouse Rescue Aid Society set out to retrieve a girl from kidnappers. Animated.
9:30 PMThe Jungle Bunch - The Invasion Has Begun; Mission Keep Calm 
10:00 PMMaya the Bee - King Willy; Thekla is in a State 
10:30 PMMaya the Bee - The Great Pollen Robbery; Shelby's Dream 
11:00 PMRuff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - A Bubble Adventure; A Starry Adventure 
11:30 PMRuff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - A Moving Adventure; A Playground Adventure 
12:00 AMLocal Programming