30 July 2015

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11:00 PMCastle - Like Father, Like Daughter: Alexis asks Castle for help proving a man's innocence 72 hours before his execution.
12:00 AMCSI: NY - Crossroads: The team investigates when a judge is assassinated; Jo runs into a criminal from her past.
1:00 AMCSI: NY - Means to an End: A witness is found dead; Jo investigates a suspected rapist who was released during her watch.
2:00 AMSmallville - Relic: Lana's great-uncle shows her an old picture of a drifter who looks like Clark.
3:00 AMSmallville - Magnetic: A rebellious Lana lands in jail after she becomes attracted to a fellow student.
4:00 AMLaw & Order - Bible Story: Tempers flare when a man is killed after desecrating a treasured edition of the Hebrew Torah.
5:00 AMGrimm - Red Menace: Nick and Hank investigate a Wesen with healing abilities that may do more harm than good.
6:00 AMCharmed - Apocalypse Not: The charmed ones battle the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; guest Paula Cole.
7:00 AMCharmed - Be Careful What You Witch For: The Infernal Council sends a genie to destroy the Power of Three.
8:00 AMCharmed - The Honeymoon's Over: Prue and Phoebe lie in court to protect their identities and inadvertently set free a killer.
9:00 AMSupernatural - Lazarus Rising: Dean awakens in a pine box, freed from hell, and has a joyful reunion with Sam and Bobby.
10:00 AMSupernatural - Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester: The spirits of Meg and Agent Henricksen appear and accuse Sam and Dean of failing them.
11:00 AMSupernatural - In the Beginning: Dean is shocked when he is transported back in time to Lawrence, Kan.
12:00 PMSupernatural - Metamorphosis: Sam and Dean discover a man who is changing into a flesh-eating monster.
1:00 PMBones - The But in the Joke: When a street artist falls into his own adhesive, he also lands on human remains.
2:00 PMBones - The Ghost in the Machine: A psychic tries to help the spirit of a boy whose death the team is investigating.
3:00 PMBones - The Diamond in the Rough: The team investigates the death of a dancer who was about to audition for a dance competition show.
4:00 PMBones - The Archaeologist in the Cocoon: The team investigates the death of an archaeologist who had just made an important discovery.
5:00 PMCastle - A Murder Is Forever: A well-known relationship therapist -- who knows secrets about her powerful clients -- is murdered.
6:00 PMCastle - Disciple: A woman who looks like Lanie is murdered; the team thinks the 12th precinct is being targeted.
7:00 PMCastle - The Good, the Bad & the Baby: When dying man leaves a baby with a priest, Castle and Beckett watch over the child.
8:00 PMThe Help: An aspiring writer turns her 1960s Mississippi town on its ear by interviewing black women.
11:00 PMCSI: NY - Clean Sweep: When a charred body turns up, it looks like a cage fighter was murdered by his stalker.
12:00 AMLocal Programming