3 May 2015

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10:00 PMQueen Christina: The 17th-century Swedish queen falls in love with the Spanish ambassador while posing as a boy.
12:00 AMAnna Christie: A Swede finds her father, a seaman and a barfly. Based on a play by Eugene O'Neill.
2:00 AMRoller Boogie: A Beverly Hills runaway and her roller-skating partner protect their disco rink from mobsters.
3:45 AMABBA: The Movie: The Swedish rock group, touring in Australia, performs ``Waterloo,'' ``SOS,'' ``Dancing Queen.''
5:30 AMShake Hands With Danger: Safety film.
6:00 AMBombshell: A Hollywood studio press agent schemes to keep a sexpot single.
8:00 AMThe Harder They Fall: A fight promoter hires a hard-luck sportswriter to hype a simple Argentine boxer for the mob.
10:00 AMOf Mice and Men: A migrant worker protects his strong, simple-minded friend. Based on the book by John Steinbeck.
12:00 PMKiss Me Deadly: Mickey Spillane's private eye Mike Hammer follows bad guys and blondes to a smoking box.
2:00 PMThe Tender Trap: An actress flirts demurely with a swinging Manhattan bachelor who thinks he has it made.
4:00 PMGentlemen Prefer Blondes: Two chorus girls cruise to Paris hoping to find rich husbands.
6:00 PMPalm Springs Weekend: A medical student and a Hollywood high-school girl join spring-break fun in the California resort.
8:00 PMThe Proud Rebel: An Illinois widow helps a Southern widower traveling with his dog and mute son after the Civil War.
10:00 PMThe Blue Dahlia: A Navy pilot's unfaithful wife is found dead in a bungalow, shot with his automatic.
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