25 July 2016

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10:30 PMThe Bamboo Prison: A U.S. sergeant spies in a North Korean camp by posing as a traitor among fellow prisoners of war.
12:00 AMThe Caine Mutiny: An officer stands trial for relieving Capt. Queeg of his command.
2:15 AMThey Rode West: The new doctor at a cavalry fort finds resentment at first, even more once he treats Indians.
4:00 AMRampage: A big-game hunter loses his mistress to a trapper trying to catch a big cat for a West German zoo.
6:00 AMGo West: A greenhorn heeds Horace Greeley, hops a freight train and befriends a cow named Brown Eyes. Silent.
7:15 AMWay Out West: Greenhorns Stan and Ollie go to Brushwood Gulch with a gold-mine deed and get a bum steer.
8:30 AMBowery Buckaroos: Slip, Sach and the gang head west to help clear a shopkeeper of murder charges.
9:45 AMTwo Guys From Texas: Two song-and-dance men run into trouble and two women on a Texas dude ranch.
11:15 AMCallaway Went Thataway: Two marketing pros repackage an old TV Western and pay a look-alike to pose as its now-drunken star.
12:45 PMMail Order Bride: An old lawman finds a Kansas City bride for a young and restless Montana rancher.
2:15 PMSupport Your Local Sheriff!: A stranger tames an Old West boomtown and woos the mayor's daughter on his way to Australia.
4:00 PMThe Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean: An outlaw appoints himself hanging judge of a two-bit Texas town.
6:15 PMHearts of the West: A fledgling pulp writer from Iowa becomes a cowboy-movie stuntman in 1930s Hollywood.
8:00 PMShane: An ex-gunfighter sides with Wyoming homesteaders against a ruthless cattle baron.
10:15 PMThe Ox-Bow Incident: Two cowboys watch a posse get out of hand and hang three innocent men.
11:45 PMBroken Arrow: A scout forges peace between Apaches and white settlers.