24 November 2015

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10:45 PMThe Women: Catty New York socialites gossip about a friend and her husband's girlfriend.
1:00 AMIdiot's Delight: A song-and-dance man in the Alps meets a Russian countess who reminds him of a girl from Omaha.
3:00 AMEscape: A German general's countess mistress helps an American free his actress mother from a death camp.
4:45 AMHer Cardboard Lover: A Florida socialite expects her male secretary to keep her amorous ex-husband at bay.
6:30 AMWe Were Dancing: A Polish princess runs out on her fiance at their engagement party.
8:15 AMHollywood My Hometown: Behind-the-scenes film clips feature Hollywood stars in candid moments.
9:15 AMTwo Weeks With Love: A teenager flirts with a foreigner while staying with her parents and sister at a Catskills resort.
11:00 AMRight Cross: A sportswriter forms a ring triangle with a fight manager's daughter and her Mexican-American boxer.
12:30 PMBattleground: U.S. soldiers from all over fight in the Battle of the Bulge.
2:30 PMBorder Incident: A U.S. immigration agent and his Mexican counterpart go under cover to stop traffic in slave labor.
4:15 PMOn an Island With You: A Navy pilot kidnaps an aquatic movie star and flies her to a private island.
6:15 PMNeptune's Daughter: A swimwear designer's sister mistakes a madcap masseur for the captain of a polo team.
8:00 PMA Time to Kill: Southern lawyer in racially charged murder case.
10:45 PMThe Prince of Tides: Family wounds are healed by a Southerner's affair with his suicidal sister's New York psychiatrist.