17 September 2014

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10:00 PMSallah: A lazy Asian Jew schemes for better living conditions for himself and his family in 1949 Israel.
12:15 AMSword in the Desert: An American freighter captain smuggles Jewish refugees into British-occupied 1947 Palestine.
2:15 AMExodus: An Israeli nationalist, a U.S. nurse and 611 Jewish refugees break a 1947 British blockade.
6:00 AMMGM Parade: George Cukor; Leslie Caron; John Kerr; host Walter Pidgeon.
6:30 AMThe Asphalt Jungle: An ex-convict masterminds a jewel heist with assorted losers destined for a dragnet.
8:30 AMA Dangerous Profession: A bondsman bails out his ex-girlfriend's embezzler husband, who then gets himself killed.
10:00 AMThe Narrow Margin: Hit men board a train to kill a racketeer's widow escorted by a Los Angeles detective.
11:30 AMThe Blue Gardenia: A drunken woman hits her blind date with a poker, then reads about his death in the paper.
1:00 PMSuddenly: A hit man and company plan to shoot the president when he gets off his train in Suddenly, Calif.
2:30 PMPostmark for Danger: An actress and an artist are linked by his brother to deadly smugglers sought by Scotland Yard.
4:00 PMI Died a Thousand Times: Bank robber Roy Earle pays for a disabled girl's surgery, then meets his doom in the High Sierra.
6:00 PMAl Capone: The Chicago gangster goes from 1919 bouncer to Prohibition crime czar to Alcatraz.
8:00 PMBilly Budd: Melville's sailor hero opposes Claggart, the cruel master-at-arms.
10:00 PMThe Great Sinner: A lucky writer tries to get his girlfriend and her gambler father out of debt to a casino owner.
12:00 AMLocal Programming