26 May 2015

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11:55 PMThe Great Bikini Bowling Bash: Two babes try to help a sexy friend save her bowling alley.
1:20 AM25th Hour: A drug dealer has one day before heading to jail.
3:40 AMThe Girl's Guide to Depravity - The Bar Sex Rule  : Sam makes a crazy bet with her co-worker; Jenna uncovers evidence of Ben's sexting.
4:15 AMThe Skeleton Key: A nurse works in a New Orleans house with an odd history.
6:00 AMManhattan: A divorced TV writer with a teenage girlfriend falls in love with the mistress of a married friend.
7:40 AMKingdom Come: Members of a dysfunctional family bicker while mourning the loss of their patriarch.
9:15 AMGothika: Strange events plague a confined psychologist.
10:55 AMThe Mexican: A bungling gangster must reform to please his girlfriend but still has one last job to fulfill.
1:00 PMBanshee - The Fire Trials: Carrie faces backlash in the wake of her revelation about her past; Lucas faces a new threat.
1:50 PMBanshee - Snakes and Whatnot: Lucas and Carrie investigate the tunnels under Camp Genoa; thugs threaten Proctor and Rebecca.
2:40 PMBanshee - A Fixer of Sorts: Lucas' secret is threatened; Tommy Littlstone organizes a second strike against Proctor.
3:40 PMBanshee - Real Life Is the Nightmare: Siobhan is torn between exposing Lucas and keeping his secret; Chayton readies his army.
4:35 PMBanshee - Tribal: Looking to avenge Tommy's death, Chayton and an army of Redbones invade Banshee.
5:30 PMBanshee - We Were All Someone Else Yesterday: Lucas takes matters into his own hands in his pursuit of Chayton; Deva is drawn to a stranger.
6:20 PMBanshee - You Can't Hide From the Dead: Lucas and his team pull off a daring heist; Lucas and Chayton are haunted by their recent encounter.
7:20 PMBanshee - All the Wisdom I Got Left: Lucas heads to Louisiana in search of Chayton; Stowe pieces together details about the heist.
8:10 PMBanshee - Even God Doesn't Know What to Make of You: Lucas recalls the history of his friendship with Job; Rebecca's recklessness comes with a price.
9:00 PMBanshee - We All Pay Eventually: Lucas recalls a secret chapter in his life; Job blames Carrie for blowing the group's cover.
10:00 PMJarhead: Marines band together during the Gulf War. Based on a book by Anthony Swofford.
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