20 January 2017

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11:30 PMMy Girl: An 11-year-old meets a boy and grows up at her widowed father's funeral home in the summer of '72.
2:00 AMMy Girl 2: An undertaker's teenage daughter visits her uncle to learn about her mother in 1974 Los Angeles.
4:00 AMRuPaul's Drag Race - RuVealed: Drag My Wedding: RuPaul provides commentary as the queens give blushing brides drag makeovers.
5:00 AMI Dream of Jeannie - Ride 'Em Astronaut: Tony, who is terrified of horses, accidentally enters a bucking bronco contest.
5:30 AMI Dream of Jeannie - Invisible House for Sale: Believing it will give Tony more time for her, Jeannie puts his house up for sale.
6:00 AMI Dream of Jeannie - Is There a Doctor in the House?: Major Nelson keeps falling asleep when someone whistles; Jeannie's mother falls for Dr. Bellows.
6:30 AMI Dream of Jeannie - Biggest Star in Hollywood: Tony and Dr. Bellows go to Hollywood; Jeannie tries out for the TV show ``Laugh-In.''
7:00 AMI Dream of Jeannie - The Case of the Porcelain Puppy: Jeannie tries out a method for turning things into porcelain.
7:30 AMI Dream of Jeannie - Jeannie, the Governor's Wife: Jeannie wants Tony to run for governor, with Roger's enthusiastic approval.
8:00 AMBewitched - Charlie Harper, Winner: An old rivalry upsets Darrin, but Samantha proves that he is a winner after all.
8:30 AMBewitched - Aunt Clara's Victoria Victory: Larry almost loses an important client when Aunt Clara intercedes.
9:00 AMBewitched - The Crone of Cawdor: Endora casts aspersions on Darrin's trustworthiness when his new client is attractive.
9:30 AMBewitched - No More, Mr. Nice Guy: Annoyed by Darrin's popularity, Endora makes everyone hate him.
10:00 AMBewitched - It's Wishcraft: Darrin is worried that his parents will discover that Tabitha can levitate her toys.
10:30 AMBewitched - How to Fail in Business With All Kinds of Help: Darrin looses an account when he thinks his client Madame Maruska is Endora.
11:00 AMWill & Grace - Women and Children First: Jack encounters his former baby sitter (Demi Moore) and lapses into childlike behavior.
11:30 AMWill & Grace - Dolls and Dolls: Karen finds a kindred soul while looking for a roommate; Will becomes addicted to painkillers.
12:00 PMWill & Grace - Strangers With Candice: Will catches the eye of a female diner after being stood up; Karen bumps into Candice Bergen.
12:30 PMWill & Grace - The Accidental Tsuris: Grace's sister launches her latest scheme; Karen spurns Lyle.
1:00 PMThree's Company - The Harder They Fall: Janet and her date find Jack and Chrissy in bed.
1:33 PMThree's Company - The Bake-Off: Chrissy eats the pie Jack was going to enter in a statewide baking competition.
2:06 PMThree's Company - The Anniversary Surprise: Roper plans to sell the apartment house as an anniversary surprise for Helen.
2:39 PMThree's Company - Moving On: The Ropers meet their snobbish new neighbor.
3:12 PMThree's Company - Jack Moves Out: Angry Jack moves out of the apartment.
3:45 PMThe Golden Girls - Strange Bedfellows: A political candidate announces that he had an affair with Blanche -- a contention that she denies.
4:18 PMThe Golden Girls - And Ma Makes Three: Sophia is a third wheel when Dorothy and her new boyfriend plan a trip without her.
4:52 PMThe Golden Girls - Larceny and Old Lace: Sophia's new boyfriend (Mickey Rooney) robs a bank and makes her an unsuspecting accomplice.
5:25 PMThe Golden Girls - Yes, We Have No Havanas: Blanche and Sophia get caught up in a battle for the affections of a Cuban cigar mogul.
5:59 PMThe Golden Girls - The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo: Sophia's roommates, bored with themselves, are unaware of her active daytime life.
6:30 PMThe Golden Girls - The One That Got Away: Blanche encounters a former schoolmate (John Harkins) who is the only man to ever turn her down.
7:00 PMThe Golden Girls - The President's Coming! The President's Coming!: The women reminisce about their experiences prior to a visit to their home by the president.
7:30 PMThe Golden Girls - The President's Coming! The President's Coming!: The women continue to share their memories as the president's arrival time approaches.
8:00 PMMama's Family - Mama's Cousin: Mama feels inferior when her rich cousin visits.
8:30 PMMama's Family - Mama With the Golden Arm: Mama trains for an arm-wrestling championship.
9:00 PMMama's Family - It Takes Two to Watusi: Bubba must stand in for Luann's blind date.
9:30 PMMama's Family - Fangs Alot, Mama: Naomi feels neglected when Vint decides to join an elite men's club.
10:00 PMMama's Family - The Best Policy: Mama suspects Naomi of trying to cash in on Vint's life insurance policy.
10:30 PMMama's Family - After the Fall: Mama helps Aunt Effie recover from a concussion.
11:00 PMMama's Family - Educating Mama: Bubba convinces Mama to join him in night school.
11:30 PMMama's Family - Ladies' Choice: Iola and Mama run for the presidency of the ladies' church group.