2 September 2015

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11:52 PMThe Facts of Life - Magnificent Obsession: Blair tries everything to please a new boyfriend.
12:24 AMWill & Grace - Oh Dad, Poor Dad, He's Kept Me in the Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad: Will learns that his father has been covering up Will's homosexuality.
12:56 AMWill & Grace - Acting Out: Will and Jack complain to the ``Today'' show's Al Roker.
1:28 AMWill & Grace - Advise and Resent: Will gets advice from Jack on how to handle a blind date arranged by his boss.
2:00 AMWill & Grace - Hey La, Hey La, My Ex-Boyfriend's Back: Will's ex-boyfriend returns; Karen asks Grace for greater responsibilities at work.
2:30 AMBewitched - Make Love, Not Hate: Love at first sight gives Darrin and Samantha lots of trouble.
3:00 AMBewitched - To Go or Not to Go, That Is the Question: The High Priestess of Witchdom dethrones Darrin in his own ``castle.''.
3:30 AMBewitched - Salem Here We Come: The Empress Hepzibah's decision that witches and mortals don't mix is delayed.
4:00 AMThe A-List: New York - Lies; Hypocrisy and Marriage Equality: Austin and Jake plan their wedding.
5:00 AMThe A-List: New York - Tense-Sexual Party: The group plans a weekend filled with booze, bachelors and bad behavior in Atlantic City.
6:00 AMThe A-List: New York - Ultimate Betrayal at the Boardwalk: The group has one final party.
7:00 AMThe A-List: New York - Reunion: After a dramatic season the cast reunites for a heated reunion.
8:00 AMThe A-List: New York - Reunion: Austin joins the cast and insults start to fly.
9:00 AMBewitched - The Salem Saga: Darrin discovers that bedwarmers can be worse than mothers-in-law.
9:30 AMBewitched - Samantha's Hot Bedwarmer: The bedwarmer turns out to be Serena's old flame; Darrin is in jail.
10:00 AMBewitched - Darrin on a Pedestal: Serena turns Darrin into a statue in Salem in order to learn more about the Fisherman's Memorial.
10:30 AMBewitched - Paul Revere Rides Again: Esmeralda's wacky witchcraft causes Paul Revere to ride again.
11:00 AMBewitched - Samantha's Bad Day in Salem: A lovesick warlock named Waldo conjures up his own Samantha; Larry see's Waldo and Samantha.
11:30 AMBewitched - Samantha's Old Salem Trip: Esmeralda sends Samantha back to 17th-century Salem; Darrin must go back in time to get her.
12:00 PMRuPaul's Drag Race - RuVealed: Snatch Game: The queens compete in a TV game showing off their funny celebrity impersonations.
1:00 PMThe Facts of Life - Out of Peekskill: Mrs. Garrett falls in love; guest Robert Mandan.
1:30 PMThe Facts of Life - Out of Peekskill: Mrs. Garrett must choose between Peekskill and Bruce.
2:00 PMThe Facts of Life - A Star Is Torn: Tootie has little sympathy for a musical rival.
2:30 PMThe Facts of Life - The First Time: Natalie and Snake become intimate.
3:00 PMThe Facts of Life - The Beginning of the End: Blair decides to buy financially troubled Eastland.
3:30 PMThe Facts of Life - The Beginning of the Beginning: Blair becomes headmistress of Eastland School.
4:00 PMWill & Grace - The Hospital Show: Karen's husband has a heart attack.
4:30 PMWill & Grace - Sweet and Sour Charity: Grace recruits Will to help at a community center; Jack donates Karen's shoes to charity.
5:00 PMWill & Grace - An Affair to Forget: Grace confesses to Will that she once had an affair with Rob.
5:30 PMWill & Grace - Girls, Interrupted: Grace suspects Val may have stolen her music box; Jack plays straight to woo a heterosexual convert.
6:00 PMFood to Get You Laid - Jason and Jason  : Jason intends to show his boyfriend that he appreciates him by cooking a romantic meal.
6:32 PMFood to Get You Laid - Drake and Dov  : Drake wants Chef Ronnie's help moving this date night in the right direction.
7:05 PMSorority Row: A killer threatens to expose the fatal secret binding a group of sorority sisters.
9:15 PMSorority Row: A killer threatens to expose the fatal secret binding a group of sorority sisters.
11:25 PMTaboo: An unknown killer stalks six friends one year after they played a provocative parlor game.