27 August 2015

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11:30 PMHouse Hunters International: After falling in love with the idea of a beachfront Caribbean home, a man must convince his wife.
12:00 AMFixer Upper - Three Generations, One Fixer  : A couple tours three houses in Lorena, Texas, looking for a three-bedroom, two bathroom home.
1:00 AMHouse Hunters: Roller derby enthusiasts hope to find a house with plenty of character in Denver.
1:30 AMHouse Hunters International: A long-distance couple decides to set up their first home together in Napier, New Zealand.
2:00 AMHouse Hunters: A New Jersey couple cannot agree on what style of home on the Jersey Shore they should buy.
2:30 AMHouse Hunters International: After falling in love with the idea of a beachfront Caribbean home, a man must convince his wife.
3:00 AMFixer Upper - Coffeehouse Owners Seek Home With Short Commute  : A couple tours three houses in Waco, Texas, although their wishlist is small, so is their budget.
4:00 AMJane Seymour's Secret to Youthful-looking skin: Smooth, firm, and lift the look of dry, wrinkly, crepe paper-looking skin. www.CrepeErase.com.
4:30 AMShark Rocket Deluxe Pro - The Next Generation Shark Rocket: Without moving furniture and appliances, deep clean every nook and cranny in your home with Shark!
5:00 AMWEN by Chaz Dean Revolutionary Hair Care System: WEN by Chaz Dean is revolutionary hair care that cleans and conditions without harsh chemicals.
5:30 AMNo more wrinkles! Say ByeBye now and look younger!: No more wrinkles! Look younger with Bye Bye Foundation. Developed to correct and protect your skin.
6:00 AM21 DAY FIX
6:30 AMGenevieve's Renovation: Genevieve recruits friends when the living room and home office present a design challenge.
7:00 AMGenevieve's Renovation: Genevieve takes a trip to a blacksmith and digs in during the final stages of her home renovation.
7:30 AMBuy Like a Mega Millionaire: A couple from Colorado must find a perfect property in San Diego, Calif.
8:00 AMExtreme Homes - Bridge, Wedge, Cloud  : A home is like discovering a lost civilization; staircase-shaped house in Japan.
9:00 AMExtreme Homes - Greenhouse, Nest, Secret Agent  : A home restored with a cotton swab; a home helps its owners communicate.
10:00 AMExtreme Homes - Abstract, Flying, Waterfall  : A house dangles off a cliff; an old home is turned into an abstract work of art.
11:00 AMExtreme Homes - Chocolate, Fiberglass, Crystal  : A glass pavillion; a house resembles an ice crystal; a house gives new life to an old railroad.
12:00 PMHouse Hunters: A couple wants to set up a home in Wilmington, N.C., where they can go when they are not traveling.
12:30 PMHouse Hunters International - Roving Journalists Seek Beachfront Living in the Bahamas: Journalists decide to find a home in the Bahamas after a snowy stint in Canada.
1:00 PMVacation House for Free - Sanibel Sanctuary  : New Jersey natives want to escape frigid winters by finding a place in Sanibel, Fla.
2:00 PMVacation House for Free - Southern Charm  : A couple falls in love with the historic homes and southern charm of Beaufort, S.C.
3:00 PMHouse Hunters: A couple wants to find their dream house on the lake in Midland, Mich.
3:30 PMHouse Hunters: Newlyweds search for their first home near Dallas.
4:00 PMHouse Hunters: A woman is eager to move her family to the Washington, D.C., area.
4:30 PMHouse Hunters: New Orleans newlyweds want to leave their Garden District apartment complex.
5:00 PMHouse Hunters: A novelist and her husband want to find a large home with quirky character in Phoenix.
5:30 PMHouse Hunters: A couple from Chicago intend to raise their daughter in the city.
6:00 PMHouse Hunters: A newly single mother wants to find a home for herself and her daughters in Danville, Calif.
6:30 PMHouse Hunters: After selling their fourth home, a couple wants to find a house with a lot of space and amenities.
7:00 PMTiny House Hunters - Oregon Pear Farmers Build Tiny Home With a View in Their Orchard  : Pear farmers build a custom home on their orchard that will fit a plot.
7:30 PMTiny House Hunters: A firefighter wants to find a portable less-than-300 square foot home.
8:00 PMTiny House, Big Living - Jenna and Guillaume's Adventure House-on-Wheels  : Tweny-somethings want to build their tiny dream home from scratch.
8:30 PMTiny House, Big Living - Derek and Mary's Little House on the Prairie  : Constructing a sturdy house that can be towed by a two-ton truck.
9:00 PMTiny House, Big Living - Jenn Baxter's Decked Out Tiny House  : A woman is inspired to follow her dream and create a one-of-a-kind tiny house.
9:30 PMTiny House, Big Living - Charles and Dakota's Tiny Bus House  : After purchasing an old bus, a couple plans to transform it into an original tiny house.
10:00 PMHouse Hunters: A couple wants to leave their crowded condo for a bigger place in Tallahassee, Fla.
10:30 PMHouse Hunters International - Night Ride Home, Far From the Overload: A couple decides to sell their home and move to Mazatln, Mexico.
11:00 PMHouse Hunters: A couple is eager to find a home in Columbus, Ohio, where they can combine their families.
11:30 PMHouse Hunters International: After building a life together in Seattle, a couple's plans to move to Germany are accelerated.
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