11 February 2016

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10:15 PMBrokeback Mountain: Two cowboys have a secret romance over many years. Based on a story by Annie Proulx.
12:30 AMRace: HBO First Look: Stephen James and Jason Sudeikis star in the biographical film about Olympic legend Jesse Owens.
12:45 AMBad Santa: Two criminals disguise themselves as St. Nick and an elf to rob stores at Christmastime.
2:20 AMMad Max: Fury Road: Mad Max and a band of rebels try to outrun a warlord and his henchmen in a high-speed, desert chase.
4:25 AMVICE - Boko Haram; Unnatural Selection  : The Nigerian government is determined to drive militants from a terrorist group out of the country.
5:00 AMSomething the Lord Made: A technician helps a doctor with surgical techniques.
6:50 AMGodsend: A scientist clones a couple's dead son, but the boy behaves strangely after his eighth birthday.
8:35 AM10 Things I Hate About You: A pretty, popular student can't date until her rebellious older sister gets a suitor of her own.
10:15 AMShrek: A monster and a donkey make a deal with a mean lord. Animated. Based on the book by William Steig.
11:45 AMStep Up: All In: After his friends give up and return to Miami, a guy finds a new dance crew for an upcoming contest.
1:45 PMWimbledon: An English tennis player reinvigorates his game after finding romance with an American counterpart.
3:30 PMBlended: Two antagonistic single parents and their children are stuck sharing a suite together at a resort.
5:30 PMWhat Happens in Vegas: After a night of wild partying, two strangers awake and find they have married each other.
7:10 PMVICE Special Report: Fighting ISIS: Journalist Ben Anderson gains access to three front lines in Iraq, where forces battle ISIS.
8:00 PMRun All Night: The estranged son of an aging hit man becomes a mob target.
10:00 PMReal Time With Bill Maher: Journalist Josh Green; political analyst Ana Navarro; musician Michael Render.
11:00 PMVICE - Escape to Europe; Cycle of Terror  : The global reaction to the terrorist attacks in Paris impacts the fight against terrorism.
11:30 PMAnimals - Pigeons.  : A naive male pigeon prepares himself for motherhood; a pigeon is challenged by a New Jersey rival.