22 May 2015

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11:30 PMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Crazy Hat  : Corey splits his class into two fake companies; Maya and Riley meet a woman on the subway.
12:00 AMGood Luck Charlie - Wentz's Weather Girls: Teddy convinces Harry Wentz to follow his dream and opens Denver's first weather-themed restaurant.
12:30 AMGood Luck Charlie - Baby Steps: Teddy tries to win over Spencer's mom; PJ and Emmett get an apartment together.
1:00 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - The Play's the Thing: Miss Tutweiler assigns the class to write and direct their own play.
1:30 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - My Sister's Keeper: Woody's sister Willa comes to visit the S.S. Tipton, Cody offers to show her around.
2:00 AMWizards of Waverly Place - Night at the Lazerama: Justin must track a mummy; Alex tries to separate Max from his conscience.
2:30 AMWizards of Waverly Place - Marathoner Helper: When Harper discovers Alex helped her win many competitions, she relives them to win without magic.
3:00 AMShake It Up! - Brain It Up: Rocky is removed from her honors classes and begins to embrace the easier life style.
3:30 AMShake It Up! - Love and War It Up: Rocky tries to convince CeCe and Logan to get along so that she and Logan can date.
4:00 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - Snakes on a Boat: Woody releases a crate of snakes on the boat, and it's up to him and London to track them all down.
4:30 AMThe Suite Life on Deck - Senior Ditch Day: Zack, London and Woody go to a posh beach club for senior ditch day.
5:00 AMPhineas and Ferb - Ready for the Bettys; The Flying Fishmonger
5:30 AMPhineas and Ferb - Phineas and Ferb Get Busted: Reform school.
6:00 AMOctonauts - The Eel Ordeal; The Dolphin Reef Rescue  : The Octonauts help an eel migrate.
6:30 AMOctonauts - Pirate Parrot Fish; Electric Torpedo Rays 
7:00 AMChuggington - First Responder Calley; Tour Guide Harrison
7:30 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Daisy's Grasshopper: Mickey and pals help Daisy find her new friend Wilbur the Grasshopper.
8:00 AMJake and the Never Land Pirates - Pirate Ghost Story; Queen Izzy-bella: Jake and his crew help ghost pirate Treasure Tooth find Peg-Leg Peg; Izzy magically transforms.
8:30 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey's Camp Out: Mickey and friends earn badges by setting up camp and fishing; Donald decides to camp by himself.
9:00 AMMiles From Tomorrowland - The Great Blastboard Chase; Adventures in Robo-Pet Sitting 
9:30 AMJake and the Never Land Pirates - Hideout...It's Hook ;Tick Tock Trap: Captain Hooks hires Brewster the Beast Trapper.
10:00 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey's Mousekeball: Professor Von Drake shows the Clubhouse pals a high-tech new game.
10:30 AMSofia the First - In a Tizzy  : Ruby's over-eager Fairy Godmother tries to help her win the Dunwiddie Go-Carriage race.
11:00 AMSofia the First - Gizmo Gwen  : Sofia helps a kitchen maid pursue her dream.
11:30 AMSheriff Callie's Wild West - Toby the Cowsitter, Callie's Blue Jay Blues  : Toby starts a cow-sitting business to earn money for milkshakes.
12:00 PMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Minnie-rella: Minnie is transformed into Minnie-rella just in time to attend Prince Mickey's Ball.
12:30 PMMiles From Tomorrowland - The Neptune Adventure; Eye to Eye  : A malfunction during a field trip; the Callistos encounter an alien, Spectryx.
1:00 PMDoc McStuffins - Take Your Doc to Work Day; Blazer's Bike  : Doc spends the day at her Mom's office; Star Blazer Zero keeps crashing.
1:30 PMDoc McStuffins - Let the Nightingale Sing 
2:00 PMCars 2: Lightning McQueen and Mater go overseas for the World Grand Prix. Animated.
4:00 PMAustin & Ally - Backups & Breakups  : Trish's new boyfriend, Trent, auditions for a role as Austin's backup dancer.
4:30 PMAustin & Ally - Parents & Punishments  : Austin is grounded because his grades are slipping, but sneaks out to appear at a charity event.
5:00 PMJessie - Snack Attack  : Jessie notices a famous casting director in the park and tries to impress him.
5:30 PMJessie - Ride to Riches  : Jessie's in a rush to make an audition when she and Ravi end up on a game-show inside of their taxi.
6:00 PMI Didn't Do It - In the Doghouse With the White House  : During a school trip to Washington, D.C., the first dog is stolen from the White House.
6:30 PMI Didn't Do It - Lindy Nose Best  : Lindy promises not to interfere with her friends' business and things quickly escalate.
7:00 PMLiv & Maddie - Neighbors-a-Rooney  : Liv rekindles her friendship with Holden Dippledorf in the midst of a family feud.
7:30 PMAustin & Ally - Grand Openings & Great Expectations  : Before the A&A Music Factory opens, the group has a week to teach first-timers to play in a band.
8:00 PMTeen Beach Movie: Two young surfers find romance when they magically become part of a movie musical.
9:50 PMPhineas and Ferb - Act Your Age: Set 10 years in the future, a teenaged Phineas must decide between two colleges.
10:15 PMPhineas and Ferb - Tales From the Resistance: After Doofenshmirtz is defeated, a new threat in the 2nd Dimension emerges.
10:40 PMDog With a Blog - Dog Loses Girl  : Bennett and Ellen go out and leave Tyler to watch Chloe; Tyler leaves Chloe with Avery.
11:05 PMI Didn't Do It - Now Museum, Now You Don't  : Lindy and Logan get jobs at a museum, but Lindy is disappointed with her position.
11:30 PMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Boy  : Cory's homework assignment inadvertently brings Riley and Lucas closer together.
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