19 August 2017

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11:30 PMSeinfeld - The Junk Mail: Jerry agrees to perform for a car company in exchange for a new car.
12:00 AMFriends - The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance: Joey arranges auditions in hope of regaining eligibility for his expired health insurance.
12:30 AMFriends - The One Where Ross and Rachel ... You Know: An older man (Tom Selleck) appeals to Monica; Ross and Rachel plan a tryst.
1:00 AMLocal Programming
2:00 AMCrime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen - Martha Morgan: Murder or Suicide?  : Shreveport, La.: a daughter's determined quest to prove her mom's suicide was a murder.
3:00 AMCelebrity Name Game
3:30 AMRules of Engagement - Family Style: Jeff and Audrey go on a double date; Russell goes on a date with a psychiatrist.
4:00 AMMake $$ in Real Estate Locally
4:30 AMJoint Relief - Clinically Proven: Frustrated by aching joints and stiffness holding you back from things you love?
5:00 AMMake $$ in Real Estate Locally
5:30 AMCopper Chef: Cooking with Eric Theiss.
6:00 AMZoo Clues - Life on the Reef  : Life forms on coral reefs include tiny animals and fierce predators.
6:30 AMThe Coolest Places on Earth - America's National Parks  : Yosemite's El Cap; Yellowstone's Old Faithful; moving stones in Death Valley; amber arches.
7:00 AMCalling Dr. Pol - Down on the Dairy  : Farmers and farms that fuel Michigan's booming dairy business; an injured shepherd; a Hahns-Macaw.
7:30 AMCalling Dr. Pol - Calling Dr. Emily  : Dr. Emily Thomas deals with patients and helps overcome some farmers' preconceived notions.
8:00 AMDog Whisperer With Cesar Millan: Family Edition - Punkin Rocks  : A Rhodesian ridgeback has a strange rock obsession.
8:30 AMDog Whisperer With Cesar Millan: Family Edition - Luck Be a Lady  : A Dalmation-German shepherd mix becomes aggressive toward its owner's mother.
9:00 AMDog Whisperer With Cesar Millan: Family Edition - Chip Off the Old Block  : Chip, a miniature pinscher, needs help controlling aggressive tendencies.
9:30 AMDog Whisperer With Cesar Millan: Family Edition - Not So Good Fella  : A terrier mix has extreme separation anxiety.
10:00 AMSave Our Shelter - Ohana Animal Rescue  : Rocky and his team help an animal shelter in Phoenix when they upgrade dog kennels.
10:30 AMVacation Creation - Happily Ever After  : A Caribbean cruise includes a parade in St. Thomas and an intimate wedding in San Juan.
11:00 AMSave to Win - Mother Knows Best?  : Two mothers team up with their children to see who's going home with a $5,000 prize.
11:30 AMUnlikely Animal Friends - Hello Kitty  : Cats with owl, deer, rabbit and bear companions.
12:00 PMAccidents caught on Camera with HD Mirror Cam!: See crazy accidents caught on camera with the HD Mirror Cam - the most important tool you'll ever!
12:30 PMRelieve Your Foot Pain with WalkFit!: WalkFit Platinum insoles relieve foot, hip, knee and back pain.
1:00 PMPerson of Interest - The Fix: A new person of interest, a beautiful and resourceful woman, leaves Reese captivated.
2:00 PMPerson of Interest - Witness: Reese and Finch rush to save a schoolteacher who witnessed a mob hit.
3:00 PMElementary - On the Line: Holmes and Watson learn the identity of a serial killer in a cold case.
4:00 PMElementary - Tremors: Sherlock must take the stand and defend his career after an investigation goes horribly awry.
5:00 PMLocal Programming
6:30 PMNew York Mets Pregame
7:00 PMMLB Baseball - Miami Marlins at New York Mets 
10:00 PMLocal Programming
11:00 PMThe Honeymooners - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas: The Kramdens and the Nortons gather in the Kramden apartment to share the joys of Christmas.
11:30 PMThe Honeymooners - The Man From Space: Ralph creates a unique costume for a party.
12:00 AMLocal Programming