24 May 2015

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11:14 PMMermaids: The Body Found: A team of scientists claim to have found the remains of a sea creature with ties to human origins.
1:16 AMMermaids: The New Evidence: Never-before-seen video evidence of mermaids; Dr. Paul Robertson.
2:16 AMMedieval Monsters: A monster hunter shares what he considers to be the most dangerous and wondrous beasts of the world.
2:28 AMThe Last Alaskans - Sneak Peeks  : Preview of the new Animal Planet series.
2:30 AMLost Tapes - White River Monster: Two fishermen face an aquatic beast.
3:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Gaucho, Ouch-o!: Thousands of wasps trap a father and son in their car; a cowboy tries to break a wild horse.
4:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Elephant Seal Attack: Two divers are attacked by an elephant seal.
5:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Trouble at the Track: A steeplechase jockey is catapulted 20 feet in the air during a race.
6:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Leopard Attack: A park ranger is mauled while attempting to relocate a leopard.
7:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Beware of Charlie Bullware: A cowboy's attempt to ride a bull fails; a frog is saved.
8:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Amazing Attacks: Angry elephant; lions attack a zookeeper; surfer is attacked by two sharks.
9:00 AMWorld's Scariest Animal Attacks: Eyewitnesses film terrifying attacks when giant predators turn their attention towards people.
10:00 AMMonster Island: Hunters target boars infected by the deadly brucellosis microbe on the unforgiving Mona Island.
11:00 AMThe Hunt for Hogzilla
12:00 PMMauled: Stories of people who have survived deadly attacks by ferocious animals.
1:00 PMKiller Hornets From Hell: A brave group of hunters takes on a deadly swarm that's rapidly migrating across the globe.
2:00 PMDeadly After Dark: Polar Bear Invasion: Residents endure the more than 1,000 bears invading the subarctic outpost of Churchill, Canada.
3:00 PMSerial Killer Tiger at Large: A tiger with an appetite for human flesh, blamed for the deaths of 10, is at large in India.
4:00 PMMan-Eating Super Croc: A mammoth, man-eating crocodile terrorizes the residents of a Philippine village.
5:00 PMDevoured: Man-Eating Super Snake Returns: Supersized: The Burmese python becomes an invasive species in the state of Florida.
6:00 PMMan-Eating Zombie Cats: A zombielike pathogen is infecting big cats around the world, turning them into fearless killers.
7:00 PMMegalodon: The Extended Cut: New evidence of the existence of Megalodon, a prehistoric shark that may still roam the oceans.
9:00 PMThe Cannibal in the Jungle: Based on the real life adventures of Dr. Timothy Darrow, who in 1977 was convicted of cannibalism.
11:03 PMFinding Bigfoot - Sneak Peek  : Preview of what's in store for the new season of ''Finding Bigfoot''.
11:05 PMThe Cannibal in the Jungle: Based on the real life adventures of Dr. Timothy Darrow, who in 1977 was convicted of cannibalism.