20 September 2014

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11:35 PMJimmy Kimmel Live: Actor Morgan Freeman; reality-TV personality Julianne Hough; Ingrid Michaelson performs.
12:37 AMNightline
1:07 AMWho Wants to Be a Millionaire
1:35 AMLive Big With Ali Vincent: Ali Vincent, the first female winner of The Biggest Loser shows how to live big.
2:05 AMLocal Programming
2:35 AMSanctuary - Awakening: Magnus and Tesla investigate a former Praxian stronghold.
3:35 AMBeautiful Homes & Great Estates: Owners, architects and decorators share their attractive homes.
4:00 AMQ With Jian Ghomeshi: Billy Crystal; John Malkovich; the Nationals perform.
4:30 AMWHADDYADO: Prescription drug abuse; choking; a hit-and-run; being in a controlling relationship.
5:00 AMJack Hanna's Into the Wild - Baby Adventures: Baby animals bring hope for the next generation of wildlife.
5:30 AMStorm Stories - Blizzard Transplants: Snowy spring weather creates an obstacle for a man in dire need of a liver transplant.
6:00 AMLocal Programming
8:00 AMGood Morning America
9:00 AMLocal Programming
10:00 AMJack Hanna's Wild Countdown - Carnivorous Countdown  : Carnivores hunt down prey, scavenge for scraps and scare up a meal any way they can.
10:30 AMOcean Mysteries With Jeff Corwin - The Flying Foxes of Australia  : A heat wave threatens giant bats in Australia.
11:00 AMBorn to Explore - It's a Dog's Life  : Scottish sheepdogs; Kangal dogs protect the cheetah; a dog recovers against all odds from a stroke.
11:30 AMSea Rescue - A Helping Hand  : Fishing line entangles sea lions; a stranded, sunburned bottlenose dolphin.
12:00 PMThe Wildlife Docs - A Hoppy Ending  : A Malayan tiger cub has a life-threatening disease never seen in tigers before.
12:30 PMExpedition Wild - Brutus Learns to Fish: Casey teaches a bear to fish like his wild Alaskan cousins.
1:00 PMSports Stars of Tomorrow: Top young talent.
1:30 PMResurrection: A Second Chance: The twists and turns of the first season of ``Resurrection.''
2:00 PMWorld of X Games - Best of X Games Austin 
3:00 PMCollege Football Countdown: John Saunders hosts this college football pregame, halftime and postgame show.
3:30 PMCollege Football - Utah at Michigan 
7:00 PMLocal Programming
7:30 PMWheel of Fortune - Season Premiere From the Venetian
8:00 PMCollege Football - Clemson at Florida State 
11:30 PMLocal Programming