21 September 2014

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11:00 PMAn American Werewolf in London: A New York student becomes the scourge of London after being bitten by a beast on the moors.
12:40 AMThe Canyons: The discovery of an illicit affair leads two Angelenos on a tour through human nature's dark side.
2:20 AMAsylum: An asylum inmate and an administrator's wife have an affair. Based on a novel by Patrick McGrath.
4:00 AMTriangle: Yacht passengers encounter mysterious weather conditions, forcing them to jump onto another ship.
5:40 AMMesmerized: An orphan weds an older man in circa-1900 New Zealand, then finds out he's a miser who spies on her.
7:10 AMBustin' Loose: Ex-convict buses kids and teacher cross country.
8:45 AMWinter Solstice: A New Jersey widower has difficulty reaching out to others.
10:15 AMBringing Up Bobby: A con artist faces a tough decision when her criminal past catches up to her and her young son.
11:50 AMDangerous Minds: Teacher seeks to inspire urban delinquents.
1:30 PMLast Days Here: Bobby Liebling battles decades of addiction to drugs and exorcising personal demons.
3:05 PMUnion Square: Estranged sisters are forced to resolve their differences when one arrives at the other's doorstep.
4:30 PMIt's a Disaster: Four couples having Sunday brunch discover the world is ending.
6:00 PMA Walk on the Moon: In 1969, a wife and mother sheds her inhibitions for a weekend of free love and frolic at Woodstock.
8:00 PMThree Men and a Baby: Three swinging Manhattan bachelors grow paternal minding a baby girl left on their doorstep.
10:00 PMThree Men and a Little Lady: Bachelors learns Mary's mother wants to marry.
12:00 AMLocal Programming