23 September 2014

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11:30 PMDead Presidents: High-stakes robbery tempts Bronx Vietnam veteran.
1:30 AMMonster: Working as a prostitute in Florida, Aileen Wuornos kills seven men and lands on death row.
3:30 AMLove, Honour and Obey: A young man reminisces about his involvement with the mob.
5:10 AMThe Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron: Enron Corp. files for bankruptcy after a scandal implies company officials used illegal procedures.
6:35 AMThe Crew: Four retired gangsters concoct a scheme to keep the rent low.
8:05 AMA Film With Me in It: Freak accidents claim the lives of an actor's friends and family.
9:35 AMVirgin Tales: Men and their daughters attend purity balls as a way to promote abstinence until marriage.
11:05 AMFamily Band: The Cowsills Story: The 1960s musical group the Cowsills inspires the television series ``The Partridge Family.''
12:35 PMOnce in the Life: A con man and his junkie half-brother face the consequences of a heist gone awry.
2:30 PMA Map of the World: Woman suffers after an accident where a child died. Based on the book by Jane Hamilton.
4:40 PMRed Riding: 1974: A rookie crime reporter tries to solve a series of child abductions.
6:30 PMMeeting Evil: An unwitting family man takes a joy ride from hell with an insane killer.
8:00 PMSoul Plane: Passengers and crew enjoy a wild party aboard an airliner flying from Los Angeles to New York.
9:30 PMClerks: A 22-year-old clerk takes in a day's worth of customers at a convenience store in New Jersey.
11:05 PMThe Canyons: The discovery of an illicit affair leads two Angelenos on a tour through human nature's dark side.
12:45 AMLocal Programming