2 September 2015

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11:32 PMStorage Wars - Deep in the Heart of Upland: A Texas visitor makes a surprise appearance in Upland, Calif.; Ivy ends his bad day with a bang.
12:01 AMStorage Wars - Up the Ante in El Monte: The bidders seek big profits in El Monte, Calif.; Dave scores a unit that makes him want to party.
12:31 AMStorage Wars - Padian, P.I.: Ivy is excited when the buyers return to Fontana, Calif.; Darrell and Brandon look to score heavy.
1:01 AMStorage Wars - High Noon in the High Desert: Uncovering rap magnate Suge Knight's possessions; two scavengers hope to score a classic organ.
1:31 AMStorage Wars - There Will Be Blood Money: The buyers descend upon Riverside, Calif.; Brandi tries to stay positive for Jarrod.
2:01 AMStorage Wars - Too Many Cooks in the Locker: The buyers invade Ivy's home turf of Lancaster, Calif.; Mary deals with an unexpected ally.
2:32 AMStorage Wars - Auctions and Allies: The bidders return to the Koreatown district of Los Angeles; Ivy and Mary join forces.
3:03 AMStorage Wars - The Gutfather: Rene's superstitious attitude could prove to be a hindrance; Ivy trusts his gut.
3:33 AMStorage Wars - Deep in the Heart of Upland: A Texas visitor makes a surprise appearance in Upland, Calif.; Ivy ends his bad day with a bang.
4:02 AMFighting Cancer: Real Stories of Healing and Hope: Inspiring stories of how Cancer Treatment Centers of America is giving patients more hope.
4:30 AMNo defrosting or preheating: Cook healthy, hearty meals from fresh or frozen in half the time with the NuWave Oven.
5:00 AMNew Zumba Incredible Results System: Zumba Incredible Results is an all-new DVD system packed with exciting, easy-to-follow workouts.
5:30 AM21 DAY FIX
6:00 AMNo more wrinkles! Say ByeBye now and look younger!: No more wrinkles! Look younger with Bye Bye Foundation. Developed to correct and protect your skin.
6:30 AMBEACH BODIES OF 2015!: An hour's worth of results in 25 minutes. From the creators of Insanity & P90X comes Focus T25.
7:00 AMParking Wars: A frustrated man with a long list of excuses tests Yolanda's patience at the impound lot.
7:30 AMParking Wars: An irate man claims he is a sovereign; unpleasant surprise in the front seat of a car.
8:00 AMParking Wars: Truck drivers unload both freight and expletives; agents make a bet.
8:30 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - Nice Guys Finish Last: Dog helps a bondsman friend whose client jumped bail; the team hits the suspect's apartment.
9:00 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - Mid-Course Correction: Numerous troubles turn an upstanding member of the middle class into a wanted man.
9:30 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - Mister Mom: Dog calls Tim Chapman out of retirement to help him track an elusive fugitive.
10:00 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - Jump Start: When Dog gives a drug addict a second chance, the man flees on his way to rehab.
10:30 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - Let It Snow: Dog searches for a 21-year-old with a history of domestic abuse and assault.
11:00 AMCSI: Miami - Internal Affairs: The team must prove Natalia's innocence when she is accused of her ex-husband's murder.
12:00 PMCSI: Miami - Throwing Heat: Horatio and the bomb squad must defuse a land mine before it detonates.
1:00 PMCSI: Miami - No Man's Land: When a truck full of weapons is hijacked, Horatio links the crime to Clavo Cruz.
2:00 PMThe First 48 - Thicker Than Water: A witness is murdered before his court date.
3:00 PMThe First 48 - Smoke Screen; The Last Goodbye: A 28-year-old father is stabbed to death while at work.
4:00 PMWahlburgers - License to Grill  : A friendly game of touch football turns competitive when the Wahlberg clans gather in Los Angeles.
4:30 PMWahlburgers - Do the Hustle  : Things get feisty when members of Mark's entourage pitch ideas for new business ventures.
5:00 PMWahlburgers - Good Vi-Bro-Tions  : The NKOTB concert tour intersects with Mark's publicity tour in New York City.
5:30 PMWahlburgers - New Kids on the Boardwalk  : The highly-anticipated opening of a Wahlburgers in Coney Island is delayed.
6:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Willie's Number Two  : Willie seeks an assistant; Uncle Si leads Jep's children on an unusual treasure hunt.
6:30 PMDuck Dynasty - Boomerang Becca  : Willie becomes concerned about Rebecca's future; sick Uncle Si takes over Phil's living room.
7:00 PMDuck Dynasty - John Luke Gets Hitched  : John Luke Robertson and Mary Kate McEacharn stay busy with wedding plans until the big day arrives.
8:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Induckpendence Day  : Jase and the guys plan a fireworks extravaganza for the Robertson family's Fourth of July barbecue.
8:30 PMDuck Dynasty - Search n' Decoy  : The guys repaint old decoys in an attempt to trick Phil; Willie bowls against Kay's club.
9:00 PMDuck Dynasty - Wild Wild Pest  : Jase and the guys remove pests from other people's property; Willie offers Sadie and John Luke jobs.
9:30 PMWahlburgers - Matchmaker Mark  : Mark grabs some high-tech audio gear and plays Cyrano de Bergerac when Big A goes on a lunch date.
10:01 PMDonnie Loves Jenny - Birthday Blues  : Performer Big Freedia encourages Donnie to return to Chicago for Evan's birthday.
10:31 PMLachey's Bar - Mom's the Word  : Drew holds down the fort at the bar in Cincinnati by himself, until his mother volunteers to help.
11:02 PMDuck Dynasty - Glory Is the Reward of Mallard  : The family travels to Scotland in hopes of expanding the duck call business.
12:01 AMLocal Programming