31 August 2016

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11:30 PMFamily Guy - Fore Father: Chris gets a job picking up golf balls; Peter ignores Chris in favor of Cleveland Jr.
12:00 AMRobot Chicken - Dragon Nuts: People love a new toy; cleaning woman finds the Batcave; Atreyu and Falcor's Neverending Party.
12:15 AMRobot Chicken - 1987: Twinkie the Kid dispenses justice; board games; Skeletor's dentist, Mo-Larr.
12:30 AMSquidbillies - From Russia With Stud: Sheriff nearly makes the biggest mistake of his life.
12:45 AMSquidbillies - Granite Caverns: Early is the king of a local cave.
1:00 AMAqua Teen Hunger Force - Carl: Carl is left to baby-sit Dewey, Vanessa and Boxy Brown.
1:15 AMAqua Teen Hunger Force - Dirtfoot
1:30 AMAmerican Dad - Star Trek: Steve becomes a famous author, turning Stan into an unbearable stage parent.
2:00 AMAmerican Dad - Not Particularly Desperate Housewives: Francine lies in order to be accepted into a group of seemingly perfect women.
2:30 AMFamily Guy - Wasted Talent: Peter and his friends go on a drinking binge to find a winning ticket.
3:00 AMFamily Guy - Fore Father: Chris gets a job picking up golf balls; Peter ignores Chris in favor of Cleveland Jr.
3:30 AMRobot Chicken - Dragon Nuts: People love a new toy; cleaning woman finds the Batcave; Atreyu and Falcor's Neverending Party.
3:45 AMRobot Chicken - 1987: Twinkie the Kid dispenses justice; board games; Skeletor's dentist, Mo-Larr.
4:00 AMThe Restless Bell - Sex Ed 
4:15 AMRising Son - Satan's Cleavage
4:30 AMBob's Burgers - My Fuzzy Valentine: The kids get permission to cut school so they can help Bob select a Valentine's Day gift for Linda.
5:00 AMThe Cleveland Show - American Prankster: Cleveland Jr. is kicked out of the scouts after one of Rallo's pranks goes too far.
5:30 AMKing of the Hill - Raise the Steaks: After buying unsavory steaks, Hank visits the town co-op in search of better meat.
6:00 AMSteven Universe - Joking Victim  : When Lars convinces Sadie to do all of his work, Steven helps by taking a shift at the Big Donut.
6:15 AMSteven Universe - Steven and the Stevens  : Steven recruits a version of himself from the past for his band.
6:30 AMSteven Universe - Monster Buddies  : Steven accidentally releases a monster from a gem bubble and attempts to tame it.
6:45 AMSteven Universe - An Indirect Kiss  : Amethyst cracks her gemstone and Steven and the Crystal Gems try to heal her.
7:00 AMClarence - Game Show  : While out shopping with his mother, Clarence finds Breehn hiding in a clothes rack.
7:15 AMClarence - Time Crimes  : Clarence thinks he can manipulate time and given an ultimate choice.
7:30 AMClarence - The Tails of Mardrynia  : Clarence rounds up local animals to make an animal world to cheer up Percy.
7:45 AMClarence - Escape From Beyond the Cosmic  : Clarence breaks an arcade game that Jeff likes to play, so he must find an alternative.
8:00 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Mothers; The Password  : The children test their mothers; Gumball and Darwin want to take the title of favorite child.
8:30 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Quest; The Spoon  : Gumball and Darwin help rescue a doll; the guys unwittingly abet a gas station robbery.
9:00 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Return  : Darwin and Gumball cannot be found on the first day back at school.
9:15 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Check  : Gumball, Darwin and Anais are delighted when Grandpa Louie gives them a check for $5000.
9:30 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Butterfly; The Question  : After a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, Gumball releases it.
10:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - History Lesson 
10:15 AMTeen Titans Go! - Real Magic  : In spite of Raven's warning that the magic god will be angry, Robin dabbles in the practice.
10:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - A Farce 
10:45 AMTeen Titans Go! - Puppets, Whaaaaat?  : Robin turns to puppets after getting tired of the Titans' disobedience.
11:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - Kicking a Ball & Pretending to Be Hurt; Head Fruit  : The Titans learn all about soccer; Beast Boy's head begins to rattle.
11:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - Brain Food; In and Out  : Beast Boy makes the other Titans dumber; Robin infiltrates Hive Tower.
12:00 PMThe Powerpuff Girls - Power-Up Puff  : Buttercup and Bubbles level up, leaving Blossom to wonder about her own powers.
12:15 PMThe Powerpuff Girls - Bubbles of the Opera 
12:30 PMThe Powerpuff Girls - Horn, Sweet Horn  : Donny the Pony is transformed into a monster that threatens Townsville.
12:45 PMThe Powerpuff Girls - Blue Ribbon Blues  : Blossom stops at nothing to impress a famous scientist at the science fair.
1:00 PMUncle Grandpa - Wicked Shades  : When Pizza Steve borrows Uncle Grandpa's sunglasses, he sees things in a whole new light.
1:15 PMUncle Grandpa - Birdman  : Birdman makes his home in the RV's attic, but his presence begins to drive the gang crazy.
1:30 PMUncle Grandpa - Fleas Help Me  : The gang helps Charlie Burgers get rid of his fleas.
1:45 PMUncle Grandpa - Watermelon Gag  : Uncle Grandpa is unable to ask for help when he gets a watermelon stuck in his mouth.
2:00 PMWe Bare Bears - Occupy Bears 
2:15 PMWe Bare Bears - Rooms  : When the bears swap bedrooms for a night, they find out hidden secrets about their brothers.
2:30 PMWe Bare Bears - Chloe  : Chloe spends time with the bears to research them for a presentation.
2:45 PMWe Bare Bears - Video Date 
3:00 PMTeen Titans Go! - The Dignity of Teeth  : After Beast Boy gets money from the Tooth Fairy, the other Titans try to get in on the action.
3:15 PMTeen Titans Go! - Let's Get Serious  : The members of Young Justice take out the H.I.V.E. while the Titans joke around.
3:30 PMTeen Titans Go! - The Croissant  : When a giant cocoon appears in the living room, no one can locate Beast Boy.
3:45 PMTeen Titans Go! - Tamaranian Vacation  : The Titans visit Starfire's home world to try and learn what makes her so sweet and loving.
4:00 PMClarence - In Dreams  : Clarence enters the dreamscape over Aberdale and experiences the dreams of his friends.
4:15 PMClarence - Hairence  : When a customer is rude to Mary and her staff, Clarence gives her an unforgettable haircut.
4:30 PMClarence - The Break Up  : Jeff and Sumo vow to stop speaking after an argument; Clarence makes a plan.
4:45 PMClarence - Dust Buddies  : After Belson helps his mother clean up, she offers his maid services to Mary and Clarence.
5:00 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Stories 
5:15 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Compilation  : Funny and bizarre clips uploaded to the Internet by the people of Elmore.
5:30 PMThe Powerpuff Girls - Odd Bubbles Out 
5:45 PMThe Powerpuff Girls - Sister Sitter  : Buttercup volunteers to take care of Blossom and Bubbles when they get sick.
6:00 PMTeen Titans Go! - BBB Day!  : It's Beast Boy's birthday.
6:15 PMTeen Titans Go! - Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp  : When Robin tries to teach the others to have more respect for money, he ends up learning a lesson.
6:30 PMTeen Titans Go! - Accept the Next Proposition You Hear  : Hoping to encourage the others to think for themselves, Robin stops giving orders.
6:45 PMTeen Titans Go! - Oil Drums  : Cyborg is looking forward to a marathon of '80s television shows, but the remote appears to be lost.
7:00 PMSteven Universe - Future Boy Zoltron 
7:15 PMSteven Universe - Mindful Education  : Steven and Connie must concentrate more to take their training to the next level.
7:30 PMSteven Universe - Gem Hunt 
7:45 PMSteven Universe - Bubble Buddies  : Steven forms a magic bubble around himself, but cannot turn the bubble off.
8:00 PMKing of the Hill - Tears of an Inflatable Clown: The planning committee cancels the school's carnival, enraging the student body.
8:30 PMBob's Burgers - O.T. the Outside Toilet: Gene befriends a talking toilet that is being pursued by an evil toilet hunter.
9:00 PMBob's Burgers - Topsy: Louise tries to take down her teacher by recreating a Thomas Edison experiment.
9:30 PMThe Cleveland Show - B.M.O.C.: Cleveland volunteers to take Roberta on a college visit as an excuse to relive his college days.
10:00 PMAmerican Dad - Rough Trade: A fight leads Stan and Roger to get a taste of life in each other's shoes.
10:30 PMAmerican Dad - Finances With Wolves: After receiving a hefty bonus, Stan buys extravagant gadgets; Francine pleads for her dream kiosk.
11:00 PMFamily Guy - The Thin White Line: Brian's keen sense of smell gets him a job with the police department.
11:30 PMFamily Guy - Brian Does Hollywood: Brian's first job in Hollywood is directing a pornographic film.
12:00 AMLocal Programming