26 November 2014

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11:30 PMThe Fake: A U.S. agent catches a nobleman with a da Vinci replaced by a fake at the Tate Gallery in London.
1:00 AMThe Happy Thieves: An art thief, his lover and a forger plot to steal a Goya painting from the Prado museum in Madrid.
2:45 AMThe Light Touch: An innocent Italian artist becomes involved with a master thief, his partner and their caper.
4:30 AMCrack-Up: A New York art-forgery expert becomes the dazed victim of a plot to drive him out of his mind.
6:15 AMFlipper: The son of a fisherman in the Florida Keys rescues a speared dolphin and nurses it back to health.
8:00 AMJack and the Beanstalk: A butcher and a simpleton climb a beanstalk to a giant and a hen that lays golden eggs.
9:30 AMThe Little Princess: A poor but proud girl searches army hospitals for her father, reported dead in the Boer War.
11:30 AMLittle Women: With her husband away at war, a woman raises four daughters in 19th-century New England.
1:45 PMThe Incredible Mr. Limpet: Bookkeeper becomes fish, helps Navy track U-boats. Animated.
3:30 PMThe Muppets Take Manhattan: Kermit the Frog seeks backers for a Broadway show whose profits would allow him to marry Miss Piggy.
5:30 PMChitty Chitty Bang Bang: An inventor takes his kids and a candy tycoon's daughter for a musical ride in a flying car.
8:00 PMThe Trouble With Angels: A headstrong girl and her best friend bedevil the mother superior of a convent school.
10:00 PMBright Eyes: A millionaire, his niece and a pilot love a little orphan who sings ``On the Good Ship Lollipop.''
11:30 PMThe Courtship of Eddie's Father: A widower's 6-year-old son tries to find him the right kind of wife.