27 October 2016

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10:15 PMThe Way We Were: A leftist and a writer meet in college, and their love spans the 1930s and '50s.
12:30 AMThe Thin Man: Sophisticated Nick and Nora Charles solve a murder mystery with their wire-haired terrier, Asta.
2:15 AMJoe: A blue-collar bigot helps a New York adman search hippie drug dens for his daughter.
4:15 AMSounder: A sharecropper's wife keeps the family together after he goes to prison in 1930s Louisiana.
6:15 AMElvis Mitchell: Under the Influence - Joan Allen: Actress Joan Allen discusses influential movies.
7:00 AMAggie Appleby, Maker of Men: Tough Aggie gives a street guy polish and a rich kid gumption.
8:15 AMEmergency Call: A surgeon and an ambulance driver fight racketeers who take over their hospital.
9:30 AMHeadline Shooter: A newsreel cameraman and a newswoman find romance amid disaster.
10:45 AMBritish Agent: The British consul-general falls in love with Lenin's secretary during the Russian Revolution.
12:15 PMBright Lights: A burlesque comic makes it on Broadway, then leaves his wife/partner for a debutante.
1:45 PMThe Housekeeper's Daughter: A mobster's moll leads a newsman, cub reporter and photographer to a scoop.
3:15 PMCheers for Miss Bishop: Unlucky in love, an 1880s Midwestern schoolteacher devotes 50 years of her life to her students.
5:00 PMThe Mayor of 44th Street: A street gang harasses a former vaudevillian trying to run a string of dance halls.
6:30 PMHarrigan's Kid: A former jockey teaches a newcomer the dirty tricks of the track.
8:00 PMDracula: A real-estate man visits the Transylvania castle of a 500-year-old vampire.
9:30 PMThe Mummy: An Egyptian mummy searches Cairo for the girl he thinks is his long-lost princess.
11:00 PMThe Invisible Man: The serum that makes a scientist invisible has madness as a side effect.
12:15 AMLocal Programming