26 November 2015

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11:00 PMMythBusters - Bikes and Bazookas: Adam and Jamie test the theory that a motorcycle runs greener and cleaner than a car.
12:00 AMMythBusters - Flu Fiction: The team tests frightening myths.
1:00 AMMythBusters - Food Fables: Celebrity chef Alton Brown helps the team discover inventive ways to cook a meal.
2:00 AMMythBusters - Dodge a Bullet: Jumping out the way of a bullet; hitting the water when jumping from great heights.
3:00 AMHow It's Made: Steel wool; ranges; carved candles; slot machines.
3:30 AMHow It's Made: Nails and staples; safety glasses; fabric; bicycles. Host: Mark Tewksbury.
4:00 AMHow It's Made: Ball bearings; electrical wires; lost wax casting; automated machines.
4:30 AMHow It's Made: Dial thermometers; hummus; spent fuel containers; straw sombreros.
5:00 AMHow It's Made: Wood windows; woven cashmere fabric; plastic recycling machines.
5:30 AMHow It's Made: CO2 cartridges; pretzels; scissor lifts; skating rinks.
6:00 AMHow It's Made: Inflatable safety devices; braille typewriters; carbon fibre cellos.
6:30 AMHow It's Made: Automotive fuel pumps; cricket bats; change machines; ductile iron pipe.
7:00 AMHow It's Made: Motion-picture cameras; glass Christmas ornaments; giant tires.
7:30 AMHow It's Made: Robotic arms; tattoos; sanitary napkins; concrete pipes.
8:00 AMHow It's Made: Combination wrenches; deli meats; golf carts; airships.
8:30 AMHow It's Made - Sanders; Solid Terrain Models; Stucco; High-Speed Roll-up Doors: Sanders; solid terrain models; stucco; roll-up doors.
9:00 AMHow It's Made: Pocket knives; soapstone products; electric pole transformers; snowshoes.
9:30 AMHow It's Made: Garden forks; English toffee; paint chip cards; Bundt pans.
10:00 AMHow It's Made - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations; Grappa; Lunar Rover Replicas: Electric vehicle charging stations; grappa; lunar rover replicas.
10:30 AMHow It's Made: Trucks; adhesive bandages; circuit boards; liquor. Host: Mark Tewksbury.
11:00 AMHow It's Made: Steel wool; ranges; carved candles; slot machines.
11:30 AMHow It's Made - Three-Wheeled Vehicles/ T-Rex/Baseball Bats
12:00 PMHow It's Made: Fly fishing reels; house paint; weaving loom; ice maker.
12:30 PMHow It's Made: Time delay locks; brownies; pallet dispensers.
1:00 PMHow It's Made: Gears; leather watchbands; Vitrelle dishes; kitchen shears.
1:30 PMHow It's Made: Kelp caviar; luxury sailboats; dental crowns; high-performance engines.
2:00 PMHow It's Made - Ceramic Fireplaces; Synthetic Corks; Parking Garage Floor Slabs: Ceramic fireplaces; synthetic corks; parking garage floor slabs.
2:30 PMHow It's Made: Individual transporters; cedar canoes; electric guitars.
3:00 PMHow It's Made: Air boats; onions; metal printing; curved cabinet doors.
3:30 PMHow It's Made: Flight simulators; traditional bookbinding; greenhouse tomatoes.
4:00 PMHow It's Made: Champagne; ATMs; marine turbochargers.
4:30 PMHow It's Made: Thinning shears; wagon wheels; bimini boat tops; violin bows.
5:00 PMHow It's Made: Compact discs; cheese; pantyhose; fluorescent tubes. Host: Mark Tewksbury.
5:30 PMHow It's Made: Bronze bells; wooden airplane propellers; charcoal briquettes; gas log fireplaces.
6:00 PMHow It's Made: Champagne hoods and foils; pneumatic delivery systems; espresso machines; pizza ovens.
6:30 PMHow It's Made - Racing Leathers; Evaporative Cooling Towers; Wood Rocking Chairs; Wire Wheels: Racing leathers; evaporative cooling towers; wood rocking chairs; wire wheels.
7:00 PMHow It's Made: How traffic signal poles, coffee filters and chainsaw mining machines are made.
7:30 PMHow It's Made: Robotic hunting decoys; canned tomatoes; scoreboards; lassos.
8:00 PMHow It's Made: Carburetors; air conditioners; sugar.
8:30 PMHow It's Made: Motorcycle engines; glass; enamel sculptures; handmade paper; vaulting poles.
9:00 PMPunkin Chunkin: Super Chunk!: Teams vie for the top title of Champion Punkin Chucker by taking on super chunk challenges.
11:00 PMHow It's Made: Carburetors; air conditioners; sugar.
11:30 PMHow It's Made: Motorcycle engines; glass; enamel sculptures; handmade paper; vaulting poles.