30 August 2014

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  • Local Programming
  • Our World With Black Enterprise
    The African American Festival in Baltimore, Md.; Johnny Gill; Laz Alonso; Mint …
  • On the Red Carpet
    The cast of ``…
  • 2014 U.S. Open Tennis  »
    From the USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing, N.Y.
  • Free NutriBullet offer!
    Buy …
  • Larry King Reports
    Larry King …
  • The Coolest Places on Earth
    Iceland; northern Canada; Tasmania; the tip of …
  • Hunting like a lion; …
  • SAF3
    A team member is fired for reckless behavior, and another resigns after losing a life.
  • Paid Programming
    Paid programming.
  • Proactiv Plus clears acne faster for radiant skin
    All-New Proactiv Plus is our smartest, fastest, …
  • Cindy Crawford Reveals Secret to Ageless Beauty
    Cindy Crawford's supermodel secret to youthful, …
  • Cold Plasma Sub-D: A Visibly Firmer Looking Chin.
    Cold Plasma Sub-D for a visibly firmer looking …
  • Medical Breakthroughs for Fast, Safe Joint Pain & Inflammation Relief
    Smart …
  • Six Star Knife Set
    All the …
  • Remove unwanted hair, permanently, painlessly at home
    FlashNGO Luxx will remove unwanted hair,…
  • Social visionaries create …
  • Local Programming
  • Never Fear Power Outages
  • Medical Breakthroughs for Fast, Safe Joint Pain & Inflammation Relief
    Smart …
  • 21 Day Fix
  • Pastor Joel Osteen preaches …
  • Zou
    Zou leaves home because he dislikes the …
  • 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games Recap
  • Track and Field  »
    From Zurich, …
  • Wicked uses magic brooms.
  • The kids learn how to measure …
  • Local Programming
  • Great Performances at the Met  »
    Music director James Levine conducts Mozart's ``Cos Fan Tutte,'' featuring Susanna Phillips.
  • Parents with unusual psychological illness may have killed girl.
  • The Fighter  »
    Two brothers reunite to train for a historic boxing match.
  • Satisfaction
    Neil has a difficult time with a deadline at work; Grace and Anika visit a college.
  • The team works with ICE and FBI agents when a security breach leads to the death of an ICE agent.
  • When an American officer is killed on a British ship, the team must avoid an international incident.
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  • Profile of professional football player and magician Jon Dorenbos; interview with …
  • The Making Of: A Good Day to Die Hard
    Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney …
  • Pitch Perfect
    A new college student shakes things up when she joins a female a cappella group.
  • Veronica Mars  »
    Veronica turns amateur sleuth once again when ex-boyfriend Logan is accused of …
  • The Purge
    In a future society, the government holds an annual 12-hour period during which all crime is legal.
  • We're the Millers  »
    A drug dealer heads to Mexico with a fake family to smuggle a big shipment back into the U.S.
  • «  The Kings of Summer
    Three teenagers plan to build a house in the woods and live off the land.
  • L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin
    Lesbians in the Bible Belt endure bigotry and sexism.
  •  »
  • Liberal Arts
    A college adviser becomes involved with a student when he revisits his alma mater.
  • Man quits his IRS job and heads to a small town, where he poses as a psychologist and gives advice.
  • The team tracks a serial killer in Los Angeles who targets families.
  • The team closes in on a serial killer (Tim Curry) holding Detective Spicer's …
  • JJ tries to reunite parents with their missing daughter; the team braces for a …
  • « 
  • A terrorist and his gang hijack the U.S. president's plane.
  • In polar summer, the sun never sets; polar bear cubs' swimming lessons; beluga …
  • Walrus and seabird egg hunting in Siberia; scientists study the world's …
  • Naturalist David Attenborough offers a view of what rising temperatures will mean …
  • «  Real Housewives of Melbourne
    Chyka's husband takes her on a romantic date; Janet …
  • Real Housewives of Melbourne
    Janet comes to blows with her interior designer; Andrea …
  • Jersey Belle  »
    Danielle recovers from surgery; Jaime tells everyone but her husband about her …
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  • Teen Titans Go!
    Raven is fragmented …
  • Clarence
  • Clarence
  • Clarence
  • Clarence
  • Clarence
  • Clarence
  • Clarence
  • Clarence
  • Clarence
  • Clarence
  • Hot 20 Countdown
    The 20 best videos of the week and the latest in country music news.
  • Epic American Castles
    America has its own castles and these kingdoms range from Medieval …
  • Epic Log Homes
    A home in Ariz. that is known as the Log Mahal; a home in Texas that will never …
  • Epic Homes
    A castle and dungeon; a tall tree house; a smart home with resizing capabilities.
  • I Didn't Do It
    Lindy and Logan are …
  • Jessie
    Jessie scores two VIP wristbands to a …
  • Dog With a Blog
    Avery is upset …
  • Dog With a Blog
    Tyler, Avery, and …
  • Dog With a Blog
    Avery agrees to …
  • Dog With a Blog
    Chloe thinks that …
  • ESPN's flagship program provides sports news, …
  • College Football  »
    Alabama A&M meets North Carolina AT&T in the 10th Annual MEAC-SWAC Challenge.
  • E! News Weekend
    A wrap-up of the week's most important entertainment news.
  • Actor Seth Green and actor …
  • Three young women band together for revenge after discovering they are all dating the same guy.
  • Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction
    Beer glazed grilled bratwurst with wilted red cabbage slaw; open-faced …
  • Bacon-wrapped danger …
  • The Kitchen
    Dino ribs and cuts of pork for the grill; smoking on the grill; a bourbon cocktail.
  • Trisha's Southern Kitchen
  • The Pioneer Woman
    Grilled chicken …
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  • MediaBuzz
    Top news stories discussed include President Obama's remarks on fighting Islamic State …
  • America's News Headquarters
    Analysis of the day's …
  • Sunday Housecall
    Dr. Marc Siegel …
  • America's News Headquarters
    Analysis of the day's news.
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love.
    A self-styled Lothario teaches a suddenly single 40-something how to be a hit with the ladies.
  • Local Programming
  • Property Brothers
    Tim and Michelle are more than ready to move to the city and into their own …
  • Love It or List It
    Mark and Desta, staffers on the show, turn into hard-to-please homeowners.
  • Love It or List It
    Aaron and Danielle want a new home to start their family.
  • The guys gain access to Bill's massive south Florida stockpile; century-old …
  • Mike does business with a fast-talking taxidermy deer; an old-school general …
  • Mike and Frank chase a legend that could be a real buried treasure in …
  • Clara's Deadly Secret
    Strange events plague a family when they move into a house where a young girl died.
  • The Choking Game  »
    A teen jeopardizes her life by playing a dangerous game with a fellow student.
  • «  Melissa Harris-Perry
  • Weekends With Alex Witt
  • 2014 MTV Video Music Awards
    From the Forum in Inglewood, Calif.; performers include Beyonc, Usher, Nicki Minaj and Maroon 5.
  • Ridiculousness
    Derek Hough; ``Future …
  • Ridiculousness
    Rob's parents, Patty …
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  • Harriet and Bill become targets of a crazed gunman on the eve …
  • A heavy-metal group hires a singer from a tribute band after their frontman quits.
  • The investigation into a young girl's death is complicated.
  • A woman is caught plotting to kill her husband; she claims it was an audition for reality TV.
  • An Ohio woman and her boyfriend blame each other for her roommates deaths.
  • Top 250
    A computer hacker joins forces with rebel warriors to battle a malevolent cyberintelligence.
  • Freedom fighters use extraordinary skills and weaponry to revolt against machines.
  • Bar Rescue
    Counting down the ten most …
  • Top 250
    Indiana Jones braves snakes and Nazis to find the biblical ark of the covenant.
  • New Englanders think an adman turned artist has killed his missing wife.
  • A political boss's assistant gets him out of a bum murder rap. Based on the Dashiell Hammett book.
  • Ftbol Ingls
    Desde el Estadio King Power en Leicester, East Midlands, Inglaterra.
  • Enfoque
    Enfoque concentrar historias de …
  • Videos Asombrosos  »
  • America Declassified
    Ballistic tests for the assassination of MLK; the mysterious Marfa …
  • Underground BBQ Challenge
    Alex and David barbecue flank steak for the chance to win.
  • Bizarre Foods America
    Brain sandwiches and crispy pig snouts; pig heart pastrami; dessert …
  • Estadsticas, entrevistas, situaciones divertidas y un completo resumen semanal deportivo.
  • Local Programming
  • Ftbol Mexicano Primera Divisin  »
    Desde el Estadio Nemesio Diez en Toluca, Estado de Mxico, Mxico.
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  • Hookers, a mule and a suicidal friend show up at the bash for a school-bus driver getting married.
  • The Griswolds and family head by station wagon for the California fun park Walley World.