13 February 2016

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10:10 PMStolen: A former thief must come up with $10 million to save his kidnapped daughter.
12:00 AMBringing Out the Dead: After too many years on the job, an EMS paramedic begins an emotional descent during 56-hour tour.
2:00 AMSt. Vincent: A boy finds an unlikely friend and mentor in the boozy misanthrope who lives next door.
3:45 AMState Property 2: Three rival gangsters wage war for control of the Philadelphia drug trade.
5:30 AMMandela: Long Walk to Freedom: Nelson Mandela is instrumental in bringing down apartheid and becomes South Africa's president.
7:55 AMHappy-Go-Lucky: Poppy, a North London schoolteacher, irritates the people around her with her cheerful optimism.
9:55 AMManglehorn: A reclusive, bitter locksmith pines for a woman he once loved and lost.
11:35 AMThe 6th Day: A man discovers he has been illegally cloned.
1:40 PMThe Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou: An oceanographer hunts the shark that ate his partner.
3:40 PMInside Llewyn Davis: Success remains just outside the grasp of a downtrodden 1960s folk singer.
5:25 PMKilling Season: A U.S. veteran and a former Serbian soldier play cat-and-mouse games in the remote wilderness.
6:55 PMThe 6th Day: A man discovers he has been illegally cloned.
9:00 PMFrankenstein's Army: A squad of Russian soldiers become the target of cobbled-together monsters.
10:30 PMFrankenhooker: A New Jersey mad doctor rebuilds his girlfriend with body parts from exploded hookers.