31 July 2015

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11:30 PMAFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Steve Martin: Comics Tina Fey, Martin Short, Amy Poehler and Jack Black pay tribute to Steve Martin.
1:00 AMPennies From Heaven: A sheet-music salesman escapes his wife, girlfriend and the Depression through his songs.
3:00 AMCarson on TCM: Johnny Carson's interview with comic Steve Martin; from June 15, 1979.
3:15 AMProtocol: A Washington waitress saves the Emir of Ohtar's life, launching her diplomatic career and a scandal.
5:00 AMElvis Mitchell: Under the Influence - Joan Allen
6:00 AMThe Big Heat: A gun moll helps a detective find the gangsters who killed his wife.
7:45 AMSuddenly: A hit man and company plan to shoot the president when he gets off his train in Suddenly, Calif.
9:30 AMI Died a Thousand Times: Bank robber Roy Earle pays for a disabled girl's surgery, then meets his doom in the High Sierra.
11:30 AMBeyond a Reasonable Doubt: A reporter lets his publisher frame him for murder to show the fallacy of circumstantial evidence.
1:00 PMThe Harder They Fall: A fight promoter hires a hard-luck sportswriter to hype a simple Argentine boxer for the mob.
3:00 PMWhile The City Sleeps: Three New York newsmen use women and a reporter to find a so-called Lipstick Killer.
4:45 PMThe Blue Gardenia: A drunken woman hits her blind date with a poker, then reads about his death in the paper.
6:15 PMParty Girl: A gangster's lawyer turns against him for a nightclub dancer in Roaring '20s Chicago.
8:00 PMCriss Cross: Gangster catches wife with armored-car-guard ex.
9:45 PMBrute Force: Hatred for a sadistic captain drives a convict and his cellmates to escape.
11:30 PMDesperate: A truck driver and his wife hide on a farm from killer fur thieves and their leader.