4 March 2015

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10:30 PMTrade Winds: A detective falls for a murder suspect he chases across the Pacific.
12:15 AMThere Goes My Girl: Two reporters in love cover a double murder for their rival papers.
1:45 AMBlind Date: A woman bounces between her fiance and a wealthy man trying to woo her.
3:00 AMShe's Got Everything: Creditors force a penniless socialite to go to work for a coffee king.
4:15 AMSuper Sleuth: A movie-star detective plunges into a real murder case, and a studio PR woman follows him.
5:30 AMThere Goes the Groom: A young man strikes gold in Alaska, comes home to his sweetheart and wins her sister.
6:45 AMDangerous Number: A rich businessman and a chorus girl have nothing in common but decide to marry anyway.
8:00 AMHollywood My Hometown: Behind-the-scenes film clips feature Hollywood stars in candid moments.
9:00 AMThe Seventh Victim: A young woman seeks her sister and finds Greenwich Village satanists and Dante's Restaurant.
10:15 AMTender Comrade: The wife of a World War II soldier moves into a communal house with wives of men at war.
12:15 PMA Matter of Life and Death: A British pilot bails out and argues for his life with heavenly powers that be.
2:15 PMA Streetcar Named Desire: A brute clashes with his wife's neurotic sister.
4:30 PMThe Young Stranger: A Hollywood producer and his wife lose touch with their teenage son.
6:00 PMPlanet of the Apes: Astronauts crash on a planet where talking apes rule over mute, subservient humans.
8:00 PMArrowsmith: Dr. Arrowsmith and his wife fight bubonic plague in the West Indies.
10:00 PMNight Flight: Pilots fly from Rio de Janeiro to Santiago in dangerous conditions to deliver medicine.
11:30 PMAirport: The manager of a Midwestern airport handles terminal hassles and a midair crisis.