26 May 2015

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10:00 PMThe Crimson Pirate: An acrobatic pirate and his sidekick help Caribbean rebels fight Spain with an inventor's weapons.
12:00 AMPapillon: Safecracker and counterfeiter try Devil's Island escape.
2:45 AMBirdman of Alcatraz: Murderer Robert Stroud spends decades in solitary confinement studying birds and their diseases.
5:15 AMDevil's Island: A French doctor sentenced for treason performs brain surgery on the prison commandant's daughter.
6:15 AMLittle Men: A family of brothers experiences the joy and pain of growing up. From the Louisa May Alcott story.
7:45 AMKnute Rockne, All American: Coach Rockne leads Notre Dame to gridiron greatness with star player George ``The Gipper'' Gipp.
9:30 AMThe Corn Is Green: A spinster schoolteacher tries to cultivate a gifted student among illiterate miners in 1890s Wales.
11:30 AMBlackboard Jungle: A lone teacher fights a juvenile delinquent and his trade-school gang.
1:15 PMThe Miracle Worker: Teacher Anne Sullivan leads deaf and blind Helen Keller out of darkness.
3:15 PMTo Sir, With Love: An engineer from the West Indies teaches rowdy whites in a London slum high school.
5:15 PMGoodbye, Mr. Chips: A music-hall singer cheers an English schoolmaster's life.
8:00 PMThe Star: Has-been Oscar-winner starts over with boatbuilder.
9:45 PMSo Big: A circa-1900 Chicago teacher marries a Dutch truck farmer and raises a son.
11:45 PMThe Long Goodbye: Raymond Chandler's private eye Philip Marlowe meets a fun couple in 1970s Los Angeles.