9 October 2015

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11:45 PMValley Girl: A California girl with a regional dialect falls totally for a punk rocker.
1:45 AMTrue Love: Young Italian lovers exasperate each other in the planning stages of their Bronx wedding.
3:45 AMBorder Radio: L.A. rockers Jeff, Dean and Dave flee to Mexico and back.
5:30 AMElvis Mitchell: Under the Influence - Joan Allen
6:00 AMThe General: Union spies pursue an engineer who chased them to recover his stolen train. Silent.
7:45 AMThe Silk Express: Japanese silk drives merchants to commit murder aboard a train going from Seattle to New York.
9:00 AMCanadian Pacific: A railroad surveyor handles saboteurs, Indians and romance with a doctor in the Canadian Rockies.
10:45 AMMurder in the Private Car: An amateur sleuth rides an unsafe train with two telephone operators, one an heiress.
12:00 PMBerlin Express: International train passengers comb postwar Frankfurt for a politician abducted by Nazis.
1:30 PMTerror on a Train: An expert tries to defuse a time bomb found on a British freight train full of explosives.
2:45 PMThe Tall Target: A New York policeman thwarts an 1861 plot to kill President Lincoln on a train.
4:15 PMDark of the Sun: A mercenary and a native take a troop train through the Congo to find fugitives and uncut diamonds.
6:15 PMThe Train Robbers: A proud widow hires a Civil War veteran to recover gold her late husband stole from Wells Fargo.
8:00 PMMad Love: A bald surgeon grafts a killer's hands on to the pianist husband of an actress he loves.
9:30 PMThe Beast With Five Fingers: A crawling hand chases a late concert pianist's personal secretary around an Italian villa.
11:15 PMHands of a Stranger: A surgeon transplants a murdered man's hands to a concert pianist.