24 March 2017

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10:30 PMThe Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave: Littlefoot goes on a journey to find his father. Animated.
12:00 AMCaillou - Caillou's Discoveries: Caillou blames his sister when something goes missing; Caillou worries about his friend.
12:30 AMCaillou - Growing Up Caillou: Caillou insists he can run a marathon; Caillou is appointed lookout when he goes sailing.
1:00 AMThe Berenstain Bears - The In Crowd; Fly It: Sister tries to fit in with the popular group; flying device.
1:30 AMThe Berenstain Bears - Family Get Together; The Stinky Milk Mystery: The Bears' family reunion; Farmer Ben's cows get loose.
2:00 AMThe Furchester Hotel - Penguin Bobsleigh Team; The Sculpture 
2:30 AMThe Furchester Hotel - Caterpillar Catastrophe; Furchester on Wheels 
3:00 AMThe Jungle Bunch - Catch or No Catch; The Jungle Genius Awards 
3:30 AMThe Jungle Bunch - Deep Into the Chasm; The Boulder of Fear  : A kiwi comes to the Jungle Bunch and he needs help; Elephants are bullied by a so-called ghost.
4:00 AMMaya the Bee - Queen of the Solar Eclipse; Night of the Giants 
4:30 AMMaya the Bee - Maya's Garden; Molly the Miner 
5:00 AMThe Doozers - Doozer Amusers; Safe From Sound  : Professor Gimbal introduces his new baby nephew, a horrible screeching sound from inside the house.
5:30 AMThe Doozers - Spookypalooza; The Legend of Doozer Hollow  : Spookypalooza is when all Doozers get together to spook each other.
6:00 AMThe Berenstain Bears - The Wishing Star: Mama and Sister make wishes.
6:30 AMThe Berenstain Bears - Too Much Vacation; The Giant Mall: Papa's upset when things go wrong on vacation; the Bear family visits the new mall.
7:00 AMNina's World - Nina Delivers; Nina's Library Hop  : Nina becomes a delivery girl and learns how the post office operates.
7:30 AMDot - Rocket Out of the Park  : Dot and her friends go to a rocket-building workshop.
8:00 AMCaillou - Caillou's Toy Trouble: Caillou trades his shovel for stickers, but then wants it back; Caillou wants light-up sneakers.
8:30 AMCaillou - Old and New: Grandpa shows Caillou a special hiding place; Caillou and his mother clean out the attic.
9:00 AMThe Floogals - Project Robot; Project Caterpillar  : Flo makes friends with a robot; Boomer's become very fond of 3 stripy caterpillars.
9:30 AMNoddy: Toyland Detective - Broken Toywash; Dazzle Dragon  : Broken toywash; a dragon comes to live in Fable Forest.
10:00 AMThe Furchester Hotel - Stubborn as a Donkey; Problem Parrot 
10:30 AMTerrific Trucks - Mini Meltdown; The Need For Speed  : Blinker is left out of the fun because of her size; a dirt bike course turns into a real mess.
11:00 AMRuff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - A Moving Adventure; A Playground Adventure 
11:30 AMThe Chica Show - Chica's Checklist; Tippy Top Chica 
12:00 PMCaillou - Caillou Cares: Caillou wants to keep a cricket as a pet; Caillou feels a little jealous when Sarah gets a new dog.
12:30 PMCaillou - Vacations: Caillou's first airplane ride; Sarah goes on a trip to China.
1:00 PMThe Berenstain Bears - Papa's Pizza; The Female Fullback: Papa makes personal pizzas for Brother and Sister's party; football.
1:30 PMThe Berenstain Bears - Trouble With Money; Double Dare: The cubs decide to earn their own money to pay for sport shirts; Brother joins a mischievous gang.
2:00 PMSuper Wings - Puppies for a Princess; Boonying's Bath  : Princess Maribelle from England asks for sparkly collars for her puppies.
2:30 PMSuper Wings - Paint Pals; The Right Kite  : Jett takes brushes to Willem in The Netherlands; Jett brings a kite to a boy in the Himalayas.
3:00 PMSuper Wings - Blast Off; Flight Fans  : Jett delivers a spacesuit to China; Jett goes to Peru.
3:30 PMSuper Wings - Flying Colors; Acting Up  : Jett goes to Peru with pins; dance shoes for a theater troupe in New York.
4:00 PMSuper Wings - Cheese Chase; Farmer Jett  : Jett brings cowbells to Sven in Switzerland; Jett brings glass slippers to the south of France.
4:30 PMSuper Wings - Fireman Dad; Miner Problem  : Jett brings a fireman's hat to Stefan in Germany; Jett brings a miner's helmet to Bolivia.
5:00 PMSuper Wings - Lion Dance; Square Search  : Jett takes a Lion Dance costume to Taiwan; Jett flies to Prague in the Czech Republic.
5:30 PMSuper Wings - Pirate Booty; Wheel Good Time  : Jett takes a pirate hat and eye patch to the British Virgin Islands.
6:00 PMSuper Wings - Rain Ride; Jamaican Waves  : A teddy bear for Cecily in London; a guitar for Shanna in Jamaica.
6:30 PMSuper Wings - Snow Ballin'; The Good Knight  : Jett brings mittens to Stig in Finland; Jett delivers a stick horse to Carlos in Spain.
7:00 PMCurious George 2: Follow That Monkey: George embarks on a cross-country trip to reunite a baby elephant with her family. Animated.
8:45 PMCurious George 2: Follow That Monkey: George embarks on a cross-country trip to reunite a baby elephant with her family. Animated.
10:30 PMThe Jungle Bunch - The Night Monster 
11:00 PMThe Land Before Time - The Bright Circle Celebration: Cera and her father are the only ones able to stop the flames.
11:30 PMThe Land Before Time - The Lonely Journey: Chomper decides to go out to the Mysterious Beyond to teach the other sharpteeth.
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