26 September 2017

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11:02 PMBehind Closed Doors: The American Family - A Psychic, a Sports Car and a Problem Child  : Tam looks for clues from Madame Julie's card reading and finds an unlikely answer.
12:02 AMMeet the Putmans - All the Dresses, All the Flowers, All the Drama  : Blair's recovery at home leaves her torn between family and her husband Jamie.
1:02 AM90 Day Fianc: Before the 90 Days - Extended: Moment of Truth  : Patrick has a big decision to make in Paris after Myriam drops a bombshell; extended.
2:02 AM90 Day Fianc: Extended - What Now?: Part 2  : Melanie and Devar, and Alan and Kirlyam deal with their big reveals.
3:00 AM90 Day Fianc - The Couples Tell All  : All six couples meet for the first time in an emotionally charged reunion special.
4:00 AM90 Day Fianc - For Your Eyes Only  : The Americans prepare for their partners' arrival and deal with the anxiety of the 90-day clock.
5:00 AMJill & Jessa: Counting On - Date Nights & Bright Lights  : Jana and Jessa start a lighting project; Jessa and Ben go on their first date since the birth.
6:00 AMWhat Not to Wear - Becca: Stacy and Clinton help medical student Becca with her sick clothing collection.
7:00 AMCake Boss - Beer, Buttercups & Bumbling: The guys are asked to make a cake that looks and tastes like beer; a tropical wedding cake.
7:30 AMCake Boss - Working at the Car Wash: Buddy builds a fully automated car wash cake; a couple celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary.
8:00 AMCake Boss - Cakes on a Plane: A team of skydivers takes along a cake on a jump; a cake for Tessy.
8:30 AMCake Boss - Players, Lawyers, and Pranksters: Buddy and his team build a special cake for NY Giant's Coach Tom Coughlin's charity foundation.
9:00 AMThe Little Couple - New Challenges: Jen and Bill bring Zoey to an Indian dance lesson; the family attends a Chinese lantern festival.
10:00 AMThe Little Couple - A Sheep Is Going to Eat Us!: Jen becomes a keynote speaker for work in Scotland, so the whole family comes along.
11:00 AMFour Weddings - ... And Potato Chips and Onion Dip  : A samba-dancing troupe; scaled back; by the book wedding; sexy dress.
12:00 PMFour Weddings - ... and a School Bus  : School-of-rock wedding; reception with hot pink; surrounded by nature; chic nuptials in a penthouse.
1:00 PMLong Island Medium - There's a Lump  : Fashion maven Carson Kressley gets a reading; Theresa's mammogram gives reason for concern.
2:00 PMLong Island Medium - The Biopsy is Back  : Theresa does a group reading for people in law enforcement and reunites a man with his son.
3:00 PMThe Little Couple - Zoey's 4th Birthday: Jen decides on a princess tea party theme for Zoey's birthday party.
4:00 PMThe Little Couple - Back to School: Bill takes Will grocery shopping for his school lunch supplies; Jen and Zoey get manicures.
5:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Never Settle: A woman has overcome tremendous obstacles to get to the salon.
5:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - A Very Merry Wedding: Stephanie wants to kick off Christmas with a Black Friday wedding.
6:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - If You've Got It, Flaunt It: A professional basketball player embraces her height; a comedian wants to show it all off.
6:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - It Fits, She Scores!: A glitzy dress to compliment a luxurious lifestyle; a sports fan bride; a boss helps find a dress.
7:00 PMThe Little Couple: Big Updates - Great Scot! The Hurricanes are Coming  : The family tags along on Jen's work trip to Scotland; Jen faces an equipment glitch; bonus scenes.
9:00 PMThe Little Couple - Hold on Everybody: The Klines go on a kilt quest to memorialize their Scotland trip; Will and Zoey ride the London Eye.
10:03 PM7 Little Johnstons - Little Mama Sells Big Houses!  : Liz begins the road to recovery from her leg surgery; Amber tries to improve her real estate game.
11:06 PMThe Little Couple - Hold on Everybody: The Klines go on a kilt quest to memorialize their Scotland trip; Will and Zoey ride the London Eye.
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