23 July 2017

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11:30 PMThree's Company - Jack Bares All: Jack and Larry plot to get rid of Terri.
12:00 AMOne Day at a Time - David Plus Two: Ann learns another woman is eyeing David.
12:30 AMOne Day at a Time - Julie's Job: Against her better judgment, Ann allows Julie to accept a job.
1:00 AMOne Day at a Time - The College Man: Julie is jealous when her blind date seems to prefer Ann over her.
1:30 AMOne Day at a Time - Father David: David gets more than he expected when he agrees to chaperone Julie and Barbara's party.
2:00 AMOne Day at a Time - Dad Comes Back: The arrival of Ann's ex-husband Ed leads Barbara to hope for a reconciliation.
2:30 AMOne Day at a Time - Dad Comes Back: The morning after Ed's overnight visit finds the girls hopeful and David worried.
3:00 AMOne Day at a Time - The Runaways: Ann fears that her daughters will make the same mistake she did.
3:30 AMOne Day at a Time - The Runaways: Ann fights with Chuck's parents over who is to blame for Julie and Chuck running away.
4:00 AMThe Mindy Project - Mindy Lahiri Is a Racist: Danny invites one of his patients to write about the practice on her blog.
4:30 AMThe Mindy Project - Wedding Crushers: Mindy takes Pete to her cheating ex-boyfriend's wedding; Danny's brother makes an announcement.
5:00 AMThe Mindy Project - Christmas Party Sex Trap: Mindy plans a party in order to spend more time with Cliff; Brendan's date steals Mindy's thunder.
5:30 AMThe Mindy Project - Danny Castellano Is My Personal Trainer: Mindy convinces Danny to help her get into shape before a weekend away with Cliff.
6:00 AMA Different World - The Dwayne Mutiny: Dwayne is not getting any support when Whitley threatens to walk out and his algebra class mutinies.
6:30 AMA Different World - Home Is Where the Fire Is: Bickering distracts Whitley and Kim from a hazard in Lena's (Jada Pinkett) room.
7:00 AMA Different World - Almost Working Girl: When Jaleesa sends Freddie on a temporary job at Whitley's workplace, she insults an executive.
7:30 AMA Different World - In the Eye of the Storm: Ron and Freddie argue and get stuck in the radio studio.
8:00 AMA Different World - Rule Number One ...: Dwayne fails to foresee the consequences of his tutoring Lena; Ron goes into the cosmetics business.
8:30 AMA Different World - Baby, I'm a Star: Kim's new-found arrogance loses her a spot in Ron's band; Col. Taylor frets over his age.
9:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Ain't Miss Beholden: Jo's future at Eastland is in jeopardy when she learns her scholarship funds are drying up.
9:30 AMThe Facts of Life - The Source: Natalie refuses to reveal a news source.
10:00 AMThe Facts of Life - The Sound of Silence: Geri tries to give Tootie sound advice when she learns that Tootie is losing her hearing.
10:30 AMThe Facts of Life - The Oldest Living Graduate: Jo wins the heart and money of Eastland's oldest living graduate.
11:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Different Drummer: Blair tutors a mentally impaired young man.
11:30 AMThe Facts of Life - Dearest Mommie: Upset Natalie searches for her natural mother.
12:00 PMOne Day at a Time - Out of Bounds: Schneider's friendship with Beerbelly and his wife becomes strained.
12:30 PMOne Day at a Time - Once a Mom: Grandma Romano becomes a nuisance when she tries nursing Ann through the flu.
1:00 PMOne Day at a Time - Alex's Project: Alex's science project becomes a bone of contention between Ann, Nick and Schneider.
1:30 PMOne Day at a Time - Caveat Emptor: A new advertising client employs shady tactics.
2:00 PMOne Day at a Time - Small Wonder Returns: The gang helps Barbara's young tutor land a job.
2:30 PMAlice - The Over-the-Hill Girls: Carrie is turned down for a singing job because of her age.
3:00 PMAlice - Vera Gets Engaged: Vera's all set to tie the knot, but problems spring up at the wedding rehearsal.
3:30 PMAlice - Vera's Wedding: Vera's marriage plans take a detour when she and Mel mistakenly exchange wedding vows.
4:00 PMAlice - The Robot Wore Pink: When Alice quits, Mel replaces her with a robot that wins the customers' approval.
4:30 PMAlice - 'Tis the Season to Be Jealous: Vera's former boyfriend stops by the diner and sparks Elliot's jealousy.
5:00 PMRoseanne - Her Boyfriend's Back: Roseanne confronts Becky's boyfriend, Mark; Becky and Mark borrow Dan's prized motorcycle.
5:30 PMRoseanne - Troubles With the Rubbles: Snobbish new neighbors think D.J. is a bad influence on their son.
6:00 PMRoseanne - Second Time Around: Roseanne recalls her own pregnancies as she helps Crystal through Lamaze.
6:30 PMRoseanne - Dances With Darlene: Roseanne wants Darlene to dress like a girl for a school dance.
7:00 PMRoseanne - Scenes From a Barbecue: Dan and Roseanne try to convince Roseanne's wise-cracking grandmother to move in with them.
7:30 PMRoseanne - The Pied Piper of Lanford: Dan and Roseanne plan to open a new business with an old friend, until the rules change.
8:00 PMMama's Family - A Friend Indeed: Mama is jealous when Iola acquires a new best friend.
8:33 PMMama's Family - I Do, I Don't: Iola, Bubba and Mama fantasize about marriage after attending a wedding.
9:06 PMMama's Family - Mama Gets the Bird: Uncle Oscar's talking parrot tells the family of a hidden treasure.
9:39 PMMama's Family - Mama's Girls: Mama leads a senior-citizens' tap-dancing troupe.
10:11 PMMama's Family - Mama on `Jeopardy!': Mama appears on the ``Jeopardy!'' game show and wins a trip to Hawaii.
10:44 PMMama's Family - Mama Goes Hawaiian: Surprises and romance await the Harpers in Hawaii.
11:17 PMMama's Family - Mama Goes Hawaiian: Mama, vacationing in Hawaii, plans to avoid the man she saved from drowning.
11:50 PMAlice - Tommy Goes Overboard: Tommy decides to join the navy after a night out with Mel and his old navy buddy.
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